Why should I choose Samsung S23?

When you arrive at a good and admirable design, many changes and changing the overall body for a product that is released every year is not very justified. Samsung, like Apple, has come to this conclusion and released the S23 Ultra phone with minimal changes compared to the previous generation. Officially, it is the same as the previous phone, but the edges of the phone have been smoothed to fit better in the hand, and it no longer conveys the feeling of using Note phones.

Samsung S23 phone design review

The part that has changed relatively much at first glance is the appearance of the new generation of Samsung S23 series phones, especially in the normal and plus versions. The protrusion and the metal frame of the cameras have been removed, and the camera lenses with an appearance similar to the Ultra version and A series have been combined with the body of the phone, and a metal protector has been placed around these lenses for more beauty and protection. This change has made the appearance of the phones in all versions of this series to be almost the same and they are mostly different in size.

The LED flash is placed next to the main lens in the body. The back part is made of durable glass like the previous version and the SAMSUNG logo can be seen at the bottom of this part. This year, in addition to black, green, cream and lavender colors are also used, which are the same among all the S23 series family.

Curved screens, which were the mainstay of Samsung flagship phones in the past years, are gradually giving way to flat screens, and the S23 Ultra, by reducing this curvature, offers an almost flat screen that prevents wrong touches. And the protective problems of curved screens, such as the more difficult installation of glass and the screen being more sensitive to blows, are no longer news. Of course, this change does not make the screen look like mid-range phones, and Samsung has made the screen easier to use by keeping the flagship look of the phone with this change.

For more resistance of the s23 ultra phone, both the screen and the back cover use the new generation Gorilla Glass Victus 2, which has better impact resistance. Like the previous generation, the IP68 certificate is used for this phone to resist dust and liquid penetration (up to a depth of 1.5 meters and 30 minutes).

According to Samsung, the frame of the phone is made of aluminum armor, which has better resistance against scratches and falls from a height. On the right edge of the power button and increase and decrease the volume, on the top of the phone there is a microphone, on the bottom of the phone there is a SIM card port (which only supports two wires at the same time), a Type C port version 3.2, a microphone, a speaker and the S-pen pen slot that is from the series The note is still in memory. The left edge of the phone is also hollow and there is no special news.

In general, the design of the phone, with small but attractive changes, has moved away from the previous appearance, which was similar to the Note series, and almost reached its own identity, making the S23 Ultra phone easier to use in the long term.

Samsung S23 Ultra screen specifications

This year, the screen has changed the least and except for the use of a less curved screen, it is not different from the previous generation in terms of specifications. But this issue is not considered as the reason for the normality of the screen and we are still dealing with one of the best panels that you can see in a smartphone. The 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen with a resolution of 1440 x 3088 pixels and a refresh rate of 120 Hz creates a wonderful experience. It supports the HDR10+ standard like the previous generation. The brightness of the screen goes up to an extraordinary number of 1750 nits in maximum mode and you can easily use it in very bright environments.

The wonderful screen that shows you colors with high concentration and contrast and the 1440 pixel mode makes the details you see amazing and perfect. Like the previous generation, the update rate uses LTPO 2.0, which makes it automatically change between 24 and 120 Hz according to your use of the phone, so that both battery consumption is more optimal and you have a very smooth experience with this phone. . When watching a video, it switches between different modes (24, 30, 48 and 60) according to the frame rate of the video. The use of a flatter screen has increased the screen margin, which is not very noticeable and is not noticeable due to the change in the body design.

Samsung S23 Ultra battery review

Unlike the other versions of the S23 series, the battery part has not changed in terms of volume and uses the same 5000 mAh battery. But thanks to the new processor and low consumption, the s23 ultra battery has a very bright performance and you can almost expect charging close to iPhone 14 Pro Max, which has one of the best charging in phones. In normal use, with a resolution of 1080 and a refresh rate of 120 Hz, you can use the phone for about a day and a half, which may increase to two days. Of course, if you increase the resolution, this number will decrease a little, and if the quality of the image is very important to you, it is really worth reducing the charging!

Samsung phones have a relatively better charging speed compared to its rival Apple, but its charging speed is still not as fast as that of Chinese brands such as OnePlus and Xiaomi. This year too, there is no change in this section and only the 45 watt adapter (which you have to purchase separately) is supported. Using the 45 watt adapter, it takes about 1 hour to fully charge the phone and when you need a quick charge. It cannot start your work like phones with high-speed 120-watt chargers. Like the previous generation and other flagship phones, Samsung S23 Ultra supports 15W wireless charging and 4.5W wireless reverse charging.

An interesting feature that is mostly seen in gaming phones and Samsung has promised to add it in the next updates of this phone is the possibility of bypassing the charging while playing, which you can activate from the Game Booster section called Pause USB Power Delivery until the time When playing games, the charge percentage remains constant and no more heat is generated during the game so that the phone’s power is maintained and you don’t face a frame drop, which can be good news for gamers who are looking for a phone suitable for games and powerful in all fields.

Review of Samsung S23 Ultra camera specifications

One of the parts that has seen more and more important changes is the camera part of the S23 Ultra phone, which compared to the previous generation, in addition to changes in the sensor using a stronger processor and improvements in the artificial intelligence department, has made this part perform better and more attractive than the previous generation. Have a previous generation. Instead of the original 108 megapixel sensor of the previous generation, it uses its own 200 megapixel HP2 sensor for this phone, which combines 16 pixels, and the output of its photos is recorded as 12.5 megapixels by default, which makes more details in each image. The photo can be seen. Of course, you can use the 50 and 200 megapixel modes in the more settings section, which we will explain more about later.

The rest of the sensors have not changed compared to the previous generation and it uses the same 12 megapixel ultra wide sensors and 2 10 megapixel telephoto sensors with 3x and 10x optical zooms, which can be said to be among the only flagships that still have telephoto lenses. Photo is used with high quality zoom.

The selfie lens has also changed and instead of the 40 megapixel sensor of the previous generation, it uses a new 12 megapixel sensor that is common to all S23 series phones. This reduction in the number of pixels has not caused the quality of selfie photos to decrease, the dynamic range is good, natural colors and real skin condition that does not look too yellow anymore, and the noise is very low, the photos are comparable to the previous generation and sometimes better gives.

The Expert RAW mode is integrated with the main camera and does not require a separate program to take raw photos, and people who like to edit their recorded photos with more quality and details can go to this section by going to the more settings section of the camera program. Easier to access.

The photos taken with the main lens in the right light have very good details, and due to the changes in processing and artificial intelligence, compared to the previous generation, the photos are a little warmer and more attractive, and like the photos of other Samsung phones, the photos taken have details and colors. Yours have more eyes. If you don’t like this type of processing, you can get the output you want using Raw photos, but for a normal user who is looking for detailed and beautiful photos, the main camera will do the job well. With zoom, the photos retain their details and even the corners of the photos have very good details and transparency. The noises are greatly reduced and the shadows are recorded well and with appropriate details in the photos. In the 50 megapixel mode, the details of the photos are more and the dynamic range is well maintained and you can record more detailed photos. The 200 megapixel mode does not give much more details and increases the size of the photos, and the dynamic range becomes a little difficult and requires very good light, and there is a slight delay in recording its photos, and it is better to stick to the same 50 megapixel mode. do. Will there be a new update for this section?

The ultra-wide sensor takes photos with good details and good dynamic range, and it has relatively less noise compared to the previous generation, which makes the photos much clearer and has a very good performance overall. Thanks to the autofocus feature of this sensor, you can record good macro and close-up photos.

3x zoom is not much improved and you can expect good quality and details with some noise. Similarly, at higher zooms, the details and colors are good, but the noise increases. Portrait photos recognize the subject well, and good details and colors can be seen in them. Details and sharpness are much better in portrait photos with 3x zoom and less noise is seen in them.

All cameras can shoot videos with 4k quality and 60 frames, and the details, sharpness and dynamic range are suitable for all of them, but the main sensor can also record 8k videos, which can record videos with 30 frames instead of 24 frames of the previous generation. Videos have better details and lighting, which is a good improvement for fans of shooting with phones. Even in 8k mode, the Super Steady mode removes extra vibrations well, and you can record videos with very little vibration and a lot of details with the main and ultra-wide lens.

Samsung S23 Ultra hardware performance and user interface review

In this section, Samsung has abandoned some of its old traditions and has used the Snapdragon 8 generation 2 processor for all the S23 series family, i.e. S23 5G, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra. Of course, because the phones of this series are more special, it uses its own special version, which has a relatively higher CPU and GPU speed than the normal version, the CPU speed from 3.32GHZ to 3.36GHZ and the GPU speed from 680 to 719. It may not seem like much of a change, but it makes the phone’s performance and battery charging better in addition to the relatively higher power of this phone. With the release of these special Samsung chipsets, we have to say goodbye to Exynos processors and there is no news of different versions for different parts of the world and everyone gets the same specifications and features.

There is no news of the version with 128GB memory and this phone comes in 256/512/1TB UFS 4.0 storage memory and 8/12GB RAM. The S23 Ultra phone using this chipset is currently considered one of the most powerful smartphones that can easily handle all games with high graphics and heavy processing and rendering programs, and you can safely use this phone with graphics. Play at high and good frames or do your own processing tasks. In long-term use and under pressure, it still does not reach the iPhone 14, but the processing performance does not drop much and it has about 20% power loss in heavy and long-term use.

Android 13 and One UI 5.1 are used for the S23 Ultra phone, which is almost similar to other Samsung phones and gives you a smooth and light experience along with many and good customization options. Most of the features of the user interface are optimized for using the touch pen, which we will examine to some extent in the touch pen section.

Samsung S23 Ultra Pen Review

The performance of the touch pen and its specifications have not changed compared to the previous generation, and it is still considered one of the options of the Ultra series, which may not be useful for many, but people who use the phone more heavily and move from the Note series to the S series family like before, they can easily use this pen. The delay of 2.8 milliseconds makes it very easy to take notes or use this pen in various programs.

When you remove the pen from the body, you can use it as a remote control and take advantage of a series of applications defined in this mode, such as using it for photography shutter. Like the previous generation, it connects to the phone via Bluetooth and has a separate battery that can be recharged by placing it inside the phone. The supported languages of this pen have reached 100 languages, which can recognize and convert handwriting to text, but there is still no news of Persian among these languages.

Capabilities such as taking screenshots with the help of a pen and editing or making gifs, scrolling pages, enlarging photos in the gallery by placing the pen on them, writing notes on the phone screen when the screen is off and saving it in the notes section and Multitasking capabilities such as shrinking or enlarging windows or reducing the transparency of the S23 Ultra touch pen features are considered to be a very attractive and special experience if you are a professional or power user.

Samsung S23 Ultra security review

The use of the ultrasonic sensor makes opening the phone fast and without problems, and it does not light up the whole room like the optical sensors when opening the phone at night, and it has good and acceptable performance like the previous generation.

Face recognition feature is also used. Samsung’s face recognition function is reliable and fast. But because it only works with the selfie camera, you can’t count on its security.

S23 Ultra speaker specifications

The conversation speaker together with the main speaker which is located at the bottom of the phone, play a very loud and comprehensive sound, which has improved the quality and details of the sound compared to the previous generation, and we are no longer dealing with an ordinary voice, and the quality of the singer’s voice and small voices is very good. Good and with good quality, it will surprise you even at the maximum height, and it can be said that the quality of the speakers is at the level of the iPhone 14 series phones.

Is the Samsung S23 Ultra phone worth buying?

The Samsung S22 Ultra is considered one of the best Android phones last year, and although the new generation of this phone does not have many changes in terms of appearance and screen compared to this phone, it has been able to differentiate itself well in terms of processing power and camera. It compares with the previous generation and if you are looking for a powerful phone that has a very good charge and can take good quality photos, this phone will completely satisfy your needs. Maybe you can find other phones that perform relatively better than this phone in terms of charging speed, charging, or processing power, but no other Android phone in the market has a very good performance in all areas like this phone, and it is the only competitor. 23 Ultra for the title of the best phone, only iPhone 14 Pro Max is considered, which currently does not have a clear registry status inside Iran, and it is not known when this problem will be solved. For this reason, the S23 Ultra phone with a price of around 70 million tomans is considered one of the best and best flagship phones this year, which can satisfy both users who are looking for the latest phones of the day and users whose phones are their work tools in addition to their normal use. Of course, if you want to migrate from the previous generation to this phone, you won’t feel much change compared to the price difference, and it’s better to wait until the next year’s version.

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