Red Dead Redemption 2


Red Dead Redemption 2 (abbreviated as: RDR2) is a 2018 action-adventure video game developed and published by Rockstar Games. This game is the third version of the Red Dead series and is the predecessor of Red Dead Redemption in 2010. Red Dead Redemption 2 was nominated in eight categories at the 2018 Game Awards and was able to win four awards, including best music and storytelling. The story of Red Dead Redemption 2 covers the events before the first version of this game. The game takes place in 1899 and narrates the story of one of the outlaw groups from the Wild West called the Wonder Lind group, and the player plays the role of one of the members of this gang named Arthur Morgan and then John Marston.

The game received very high scores on Metacritic and other sites, achieving Metacritic 97 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and Metacritic 93 on Microsoft Windows due to its excellent details, graphics, and storytelling. Also, this game is the 8th best-selling game in history with 57 million copies sold.

Online section

This game has an online section that was released on the 11th of Azar 1400. You must purchase separately to experience this game. This is the first time that Rockstar has released the online part of its game separately. Many fans are unhappy with this version due to lack of good game support and poor updates.

Game process

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an open world action-adventure video game with a western theme. The process of playing the game is in the third person format and sometimes in the first person format with the help of the virtual camera system. The story takes place in 1899 and in the Midwestern states of America and the southern states of America. The game can be played in single player or online multiplayer format, the second one is also published separately under the title of Red Dead Online. Compared to Red Dead Redemption, the combat system of the game has been redesigned and significant mechanics have been added to it, which includes hand-to-hand combat based on double attack or using a bow. Unexplored parts of the game form the largest part of the game world, which mainly contains diverse landscapes with passing travelers. Bandits, wildlife, human habitat and urban areas including villas and private mansions are other prominent and diverse points. Horses are different forms of transportation, of which there are different breeds in the game. To use the horses, the player must first tame them and then feed and treat them. More use of a particular horse provides a bonding or fusion process between rider and rider that can be enhanced by regular grooming and feeding. In the process of exploring the game, you can also use Dilijan and the train to travel. The player can commit robbery by threatening and scaring the driver or the passengers of the train and Delijan.

During the tour, the player may encounter requests for help from others, who will be grateful if he decides to help, and can give a reward. Table knife game, dominoes, blackjack and poker are among other optional activities and entertainments of the player. One of the other most important components of the game is the process of hunting and the hunter, who plays a major role in providing food, income or making some equipment. Choosing the right weapon has a direct effect on the quality of the hunting process, and observing the important factors has a significant impact on the quality of the meat and skin of the hunt and ultimately their value. The player can immediately skin the animal or put it on the back of a horse and carry it, which will rot over time and its value will decrease. Also, the player can steal from different places; such as shops, trains, carriages and farm houses. It should be said that General Store is considered the best store for bandits. Also, the player can throw the driver of a train out of the window of the locomotive room and take control of the train.

The game focuses quite heavily on the player’s choices to advance the story and mission. There are moments in the game that allow for additional/side missions. The main character has the ability to communicate with the secondary characters of the story, which can be friendly or aggressive depending on the dialogues. At the same time, he is able to kill others and then take possession of their dead bodies as booty. The game implements an intelligent honor system by measuring the player’s perception of performance from a moral point of view. Positive moral actions such as helping strangers, following the rules, etc. increase the honor and honor of the player, and in return, performing negative actions such as stealing, harming the innocent, reduces the honor and thus the honor of the player. The story has a direct effect on the player’s level of honor. Most conversations, deals, and interactions differ based on the level of honor. Accessing a higher level of honor will have many benefits for the player, the most important of which is getting special discounts when making purchases from various stores. A low level of honor is also useful in its own way; Because the player gets more loot most of the time when looting and looting the dead and corpses.

The story of the game

The story of the game revolves around a criminal group called Van der Linde gang. Initially, the group consisted of three people: Dutch van der Linde, leader and founder of the group, Hosea Matthews, advisor and mentor of the group, and Arthur Morgan, Dutch’s closest friend and confidant. According to the members of the group, Arthur was the most skilled and the best shooter among them, and Dutch always called him the best person among them. Gradually, the group grew and new members such as John Marston, Bill Williamson, Xavier Scuella and… became its members. In the meantime, two of the members, John Marston and Abigail, become interested in each other, the result of which is a boy named Jack Marston.

The game takes place in 1899, when the era of the wild west, musketeers and outlaws is coming to an end, and the American government seeks to create a new civilization in this land. At this time, the Van der Linde gang is engaged in robbery for their ambitious goals, but their biggest plan, which is to rob a bank in Blackwater City, is met with a hard failure, and the group is forced to leave the money and run away. This is where the story of Red Dead Redemption 2 begins.

Dutch van der Linde’s gang had to flee from Blackwater after a failed robbery. Dutch van der Linde realized that in order to survive, he and his group had to earn money. The main character of this game is Arthur Morgan, who the player takes control of. After a conflict with the O’Driscolls’ group, which is a rival of the Van der Linde group, they find a train robbery plan in their hideout. Along with Arthur, Bill Williamson, Micah Bell, Xavier Scuella, John Marston and Lenny Summers, Dutch steals a train belonging to Lovitis Cornwall and gets a lot of money, and Dutch promises the gang that this will be their last bloody battle. Meanwhile, the Pinkerton National Intelligence Agency is chasing Dutch and his gang because of the group’s bad record of crime and law-breaking. A little later, Lovitis Cornwall identified the location of the group and made them flee with a sudden attack. The Dutch van der Linde group, continuing their ambitions, commits a big robbery again, and this time by attacking the bank in Valentine city, they manage to get some money and also rebuild their camp in Rhodes city.

In the city of Rhodes, Dutch and Arthur try to sign a contract with the elders of the city, including the Gray and Braithwaite families, to work for them and receive money from them in return, and to strengthen their relationship, but since the two families with each other are enemies, Dutch suggests that these relationships be secret with both families at the same time, so that the group benefits from both families. But it doesn’t take long for their plan to be revealed and both families declare war on the group. Sheriff Gray kills Sean Maguire, a member of the Dutch gang, in an attack in Rhodes, and Braithwaite steals John Marston’s son, Jack. At first, with the help of Micah Bell (another member), Arthur survives the Grays’ attack on the city, and Arthur kills Sheriff Gray. On the other hand, the case of Jack’s theft causes all Dutch van der Linde members to attack the Braithwaite mansion and kill them all in a bloody and attractive battle and take over the mansion. But John’s son was not there. Catherine Braithwaite, the head of the family, forces Dutch to tell them that she delivered Jack to an Italian named Angelo Bronte in St. Denis. Dutch and Arthur kill Catherine Braithwaite’s children, and the group burns down Braithwaite’s mansion. Catherine Braithwaite, who has lost everything, goes to the burning mansion and commits suicide. After that, Dutch and the rest of the gang come across Colonel Milton (the Pinkertons’ intelligence officer) who are having a conversation. He gives them a warning, but Dutch ignores it and tells him we’ll be out of here soon.

Dutch, Arthur and John go to Angelo Bronte, one of the most influential people in the city of St. Denis, to retrieve Jack. Not only does Angelo take good care of John’s son, but he welcomes the Dutch van der Linde gang with a lavish party. In order to earn more money, Dutch tries to negotiate with Angelo Bronte to find a suitable place for armed robbery, which Angelo Bronte declares that the poker room and St. Denis post office are among the most profitable places for robbery. First, Arthur Morgan and Xavier Scuella fraudulently enter the poker room and break into it. Then they go to the post office, but not only the money is not found there, but the police soon arrive and foil their robbery plan. Dutch, who believes that the police were already there, considers this a betrayal on Angelo’s part, attacks Angelo’s beach house with a boat at night with his group, and after a fight with Brante’s security guard, kidnaps him and throws him into the water. They leave him at the place of his presence.

Game development process

The game’s main studio, Rockstar San Diego, had the game’s overview until mid-2011. When the studio realized that the employees of different departments did not see the need for intensive work, it concentrated all its studios into one big team to develop the game among 1,600 people. Facilitate the employee involved in the project. In total, more than 2,000 people participated in the development of this game. Rockstar’s interactive department assistant, Dan Heusser, drew inspiration from a collection of films and literature when writing the story, although he avoided contemporary works to avoid being accused of stealing ideas. . The production team was not entirely inspired by a specific film or art collection, as real locations were also used. The citizens in the game show the contrast between the rich and the poor very well.

Red Dead Redemption 2 recording sessions began in 2013. Rockstar was interested in having a variety of personalities in Wonder Lind. The writers of the story pay special attention to the past events and adventures of each character and examine their lives before joining the group as well as the reasons for their persistence. Several characters were removed during the development of the game because their characters could not be added to the narrative. Unlike the previous game Rockstar Grand Theft Auto 5, which made three main characters controllable, the developer decided to have only one controllable main character in Red Dead to show how the events affect the main character’s personality and mood.

Woody Jackson, who had worked on the score for Grand Theft Auto 5, was re-appointed to contribute to the project and was given the original score for the game’s score. Red Dead Redemption 2 has three different music sections. The first part, known as the narration part, is heard during the game’s story missions. The second part is the interactive part and it is heard by the listener (player) when he is browsing and roaming alone or multiplayer in the game world. The third part is the environmental part, which includes the songs of the song, the camp, and also the songs that the main character plays in the game world. The game music changes and reacts according to the main character’s decisions. For this purpose, Jackson purchased various instruments from music mixing teams. In total, more than 110 musicians and musicians worked on the soundtrack of this game. Acclaimed singer and musician Daniel Lanois produced the game’s original songs, collaborating with other artists including D’Angelo, Willie Nelson, Rhiannon Giddens, and Josh Homme.

Red Dead Redemption tutorial

The world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is so vast, deep and detailed that there are many things to do in it other than going through the main stages. From raiding shops, extorting people and handing over criminals to the law enforcement officer to help different members of the camp, help ordinary people and find secrets hidden in the corners of the Wild West. However, one of the most interesting and important activities that play an essential role in the gameplay is hunting. You must have realized with the game experience that hunting is not only a way to provide food for you and the camp members. The animals you get through hunting are considered among your valuable assets due to their many uses, but how to make the best use of our hunts or where to find valuable game animals and finally how to have a perfect hunt And to have a professional, these are questions that we will answer all of them in detail in this article from the Red Dead Redemption 2 tutorial series.

Some great tips and details about this game

1. Arthur’s facial hair grows over time and depending on how much it grows, you can style it; Just like the real world!

2. Arthur can modify his face in different places. One of these places is his tent, which allows you to modify different parts of his face, such as his cheeks, the nape of his neck, and his chin.

3. Arthur cannot change the general state of his hair on his own, and he must go to a hairdresser in the city or use a hair styling cream.

4. Rockstar Studio created a separate physics for Arthur’s beard so that they move according to the volume and weight of the hair on his face.

5. If you don’t rest and eat enough, Arthur will get tired and his health will decrease over time.

6. Considering the amount of food that Arthur eats, you can easily see this character getting fat or thin.

7. People in your group (in-game NPCs) like you have the ability to find dead or killed people to pick their stuff; So if you don’t move in time, they will loot all the ammunition, money and consumable items.

8. Arthur’s helmet falls off his head during hand-to-hand combat or with a firearm on impact.

9. The sheriffs of the city have high artificial intelligence and when fighting one-on-one, they first wait until the fight is over and then disperse all the people.

10. You can make a new hat from the skins of raccoons and foxes.

11. In the Red Dead Redemption 2 game, clothing customization has been paid a lot of attention, so you even have the option to choose whether your pants go inside the boots or outside them; Is your sleeve folded or not!

12. Your weapons can get muddy or dirty over time; When you wet them to clean, you should wipe them with a cloth for best performance.

13. Your horse will get dirty and muddy just like your gun and when moving, they will be slow and you will need to use a brush to clean them. Also, your horse’s body is cleaned by river water and rain water.

14. The more you take care of your horse and feed him, the more he will get used to you and stay close to you.

15. Depending on the gender of the horse, Arthur uses the appropriate pronoun (He/She in English) when talking to his horse or trying to calm it down.

16. People around you react to your appearance; For example, when you are covered in mud or blood, they talk bad to you and tease you, but if you are tidy, you will be admired by them.

17. All nature materials in the game have their own special and unique physics and graphics. The snow on your clothes is slowly melting, the mud on your clothes is getting old and the blood is drying on your clothes.

18. When you go with your group to a horseback riding location, you can determine which direction you will ride your horse in the group.

19. You cannot ride other people’s horses. For example, when you get too close to a Dutch horse, it will kick you.

20. Apart from the soothing songs of the game, 192 different pieces of music have been considered for this game, with Woody Jackson in charge of making the music for Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption game tutorial

How to hunt?

Hunting in the game may not seem like such a difficult task. When you’re galloping with your horse, you see a deer on the side of the road, you unholster your gun and shoot at the poor deer until it’s dead. Yes, this is also called hunting, but is this kind of hunting in the game worth it? Certainly, there would be no need for such an article. So, if you want to learn the right way of hunting and get the highest possible benefit from your hunts, it is better to remember the points mentioned in this section.

1. Find the animals

In the world of Red Dead Redemption 2, there are almost 200 species of animals, and for that reason, every time you leave the city or camp you are in, you will definitely encounter different species and there will always be something to hunt. . The best way to start hunting is to get on your horse and ride at a leisurely pace through the surrounding pastures or woods to let the animals near you show themselves without running away. Although it seems a simple way, but be sure that this is the most effective step to start hunting and finding animals. The positive thing here is that in the areas where a species of animal is more available, a symbol of it is recorded on Arthur’s map to make your job easier to find the hunt you want.

There are two different ways to identify animals. First, get close enough to them and hold the camera on them for a few seconds until the Study option appears in the bottom right corner, but most animals won’t stand near you and run away when they see you. For this reason, it is better to hold your hunting camera without getting off the horse and wait for the Study sign to appear by zooming in on the animals. The interesting thing is that when you use your camera, even if nothing is visible on the camera, it will be possible to identify animals and the option to study more on the desired species will be displayed, which will be activated by pressing the R1 or RB key.

Apart from this, there are more exciting ways to attract animals to you. By visiting city stores or general stores, you can buy special baits to attract your prey to a specific spot. Of course, you can make these baits yourself through the crafting system, but to be honest, there are two problems with these baits. Firstly, the time you have to wait is a bit long, and secondly, these baits can attract any animal to itself, so it is possible that another animal will move towards this bait instead of the species you are trying to hunt. Another thing that will help you while hunting is a substance called Cover Scent Lotion, which makes your scent imperceptible to animals. If you look closely at Arthur’s path in Eagle Eye mode, you’ll see a blue halo that actually represents Arthur’s scent. You can also purchase this material through general stores.

2. Study of animals

Studying animals in general will add useful information about them to your encyclopedia, which can definitely help you make the right hunt for any animal. One of these important pieces of information is the best weapon to kill the beast, which will definitely have a direct impact on the material value of your hunt. Besides this, what makes the study even more important is that the species is known and some of its characteristics, such as its skin value, can be identified through your hunting camera either in normal mode or in Eagle Eye mode. . To study animals, in addition to the two methods mentioned above, you can study its characteristics and information by aiming a gun at one of the species or in a simpler way by hunting one of them.

3. chasing animals

First of all, in order to chase animals, you should always get off your horse and follow your prey with slow steps, but one of the things that will always help you in this field is the eagle eye posture, which not only sees the animals in the environment with A brighter color not only highlights for you, but also shows the path taken by these creatures so that you can follow your prey well. Besides this, if you have read the information of the species you are looking for in advance, you can also see the skin value and species type in Eagle Eye mode. To activate Eagle Eye, simply press both of your analogs in at the same time to make the game go into slow motion and reveal footprints.

4. hunting animals

Hunting animals, which is your last step, will require a little more precision. First of all, try to use its own special weapon to hunt each animal, and if you don’t have the necessary information, make sure to prioritize shooting. It is true that the way you hunt does not affect the animal’s stars more or less, but hunting with the wrong weapon can reduce the value of the animal materially or the benefit you get from it. The right weapon is usually determined based on the size of the beast, and there are 5 different sizes in the game, and the best weapon for each is as follows:

>For very small animals such as squirrels or frogs, it is better to use a slingshot and especially small arrows called Small Game Arrows, which can be obtained through the crafting system.

While hunting small animals such as rabbits or geese, it is better to use a type of rifle called Varmint Rifle, which can be purchased from gun shops in the city.

>There are many options for hunting medium-sized animals, such as water dogs or coyotes. >An archery, throwing knife, repeater gun, rifle, and sniper rifle can all be good tools, but the best option is the repeater.

> Taking down larger animals is a bit more difficult, but still using a slingshot, rifle, and sniper rifle are among the available options. If you are using a slingshot, it is better to go for poison arrows, but remember that the easiest option for this category is the rifle.

>Finally, it’s time for giant animals like bears, the best way to kill them is to use a sniper rifle or a slingshot with upgraded arrows.

Of course, I should also mention that for medium or large animals, you can also use Arthur’s lasso, which will suffocate the animal without any shots, and in a way, it can be considered the cleanest type of hunting. The best places to shoot are the neck and the head of the animal, which will do the job on the spot, but if your prey is bent in the pastures in such a way that it is impossible to see, in this case you can call him by pressing the square or X button. to raise his head for a few moments. Just be aware that making too much noise will scare the animals and run away, so try to make the most of your opportunities.

Knowing these, the question that arises is where you should determine the size of the animals. For this, the best method is to experience and observe what Arthur does with animal carcasses. If Arthur puts the animal in his bag after killing it, that animal belongs to the first category. If he hangs it on one side of his horse after hunting, it definitely belongs to the second category. Medium and large animals are both placed on the back of the horse, and for this reason, their identification can be understood only by comparing their sizes. Finally, it is the turn of the giant creatures, which, in addition to their large size, the best way to identify them is that Arthur cannot carry the meat of this group of animals with him at all, and only takes the skin with him and throws it on his horse’s back.

An important point regarding Master Hunter Challenge 2:

In order to gradually become a skilled hunter in the game, the creators have considered challenges in this section called Mr. Hunter, in which you must meet the demands of each challenge. In the second part of this challenge, the game asks you to get the skins of three rabbits with a three-star value, which doesn’t seem too difficult, but the point is that the game suggests you use a slingshot to hunt rabbits, in While the only weapon that can give you the highest quality hide while hunting rabbits is the Varmint Rifle. So, after you find three.

What to do with our catches?

Now that you got the best hunts with all this hard work and Arthur became one of the skilled hunters of the Wild West, it’s time to see what can be done with these valuable skins and creatures. The game offers you different options, which we will discuss in order.

The first and easiest option is to eat animal meat. You can cook and eat the meat of the animals you have hunted by making a camp anywhere.

The next solution is to sell these hunts to butchers, which you can find in every city. Pay attention that the whole body of an animal will always be worth more than just its skin. Also, the number of skin stars is also involved in the money you earn. Another important point that may be of great help to you is that selling animals that are rare in some places will make you more money. For this reason, if you hunt an animal near one city, it is better to sell it in another city and in a place where the species in question is considered rare. For example, moose deer, which are the largest type of deer, are considered very rare species in the city of Saint-Denis, and therefore they are highly valued.

If you think your Arthur shouldn’t mind his own pocket too much, then it’s better to take your hunting to the camp and donate it to the only butcher you know, Pearson. The meat of the animals you donate increases the camp’s food stat, and by collecting some skins, you can upgrade tents and other camp equipment.

Finally, if you are looking for a specific item, you can take your hunts to the Fence so that they can make special items for you through these skins that cannot be found elsewhere. Of course, note that the possibility of dealing with thugs will be created after completing The Spines of America stage in the second chapter of the game.

After catching legendary fish, take them to the post office and sell them quickly before they spoil. Note that legendary fish, like legendary animals, can only be caught once.

How to hunt legendary animals?

Despite all the things we have mentioned so far to increase the quality of the hunt, the most valuable creatures and hunts in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 are the legendary creatures, of which there are a total of 16, of which 10 are freely available after the first chapter. are, but the rest are released during Mr. Hunter’s stages or challenges.

The Legendary Grizzly Bear is released by entering the Exit Pursued By a Bruised Ego stage in Chapter 2.

The legendary Bullgator alligator becomes available after completing the Country Pursuits stage in Chapter 4.

The legendary Giagaro panther can be hunted upon reaching rank 9 in Mr. Hunter.

The Mountain Lion, Pronghorn Deer, and Legendary Buffalo will all be accessible in the game world by completing the sixth chapter of the game.

In addition to the fact that you make a lot of money from selling the skins of legendary animals, the items obtained from crafting them are very rare; Especially if you take them to thrift stores and the black market, you can snag some tempting accessories. However, hunting these types of creatures is not so easy and you need to make preparations before starting.

Necessary preparations for hunting legendary creatures:

The hunting of this group of animals will be different from normal hunting. First of all, if the creature in question is a predator, it is definitely considered a great threat to your life and you should try to finish the work of the animal before you yourself become a prey. The positive thing here is that the way you hunt for legendary beasts has no effect on the final quality of the hunt and its value, and for that reason you are free to destroy the poor animals with any method, from throwing dynamite to volleying. Once again, own a valuable and rare skin. However, you should still take a look at your abilities and items before going for one of the legendaries.

First of all, make sure to fill up the Dead Eye ability bar to the end so that you can make good use of this ability to hit the beast in an emergency situation where you are under attack by the beast. It’s also better to get rank 4 in the Dead Eye feature, so that when you use it, it will show you which living body parts you can shoot at to cause significant damage. In addition, be sure to hunt legendary with powerful weapons such as shotguns, sniper rifles or archery with upgraded and toxic arrows to complete the job faster. Finally, be sure to remember that you can hunt legendary beasts only once, so after hunting without any feet, when you remove the skin and other useful organs of the beast, and if you intend to craft special items, quickly go to Move towards the fences. Of course, if you kill a legendary animal but do not loot it, the items that can be obtained through this hunt will be added to the menu of vendors known as Trapper in the game.

Other things that you should observe are related to the fullness of stamina and health bars. Also, always remember to carry all the necessary weapons with you before dismounting from your horse, and make sure you have enough space in your horse to be able to carry all the animal’s painful organs with you. Remember that legendary beasts are always larger than their counterparts and are usually white in color. Always to hunt legendaries, you should follow the path they have taken with the help of Eagle Eye ability to finally reach the place where the creature is located and pay attention to follow this path in a crouched and calm position. If you die while killing a legendary beast, you will respawn nearby, but the creature may have run away a bit further away. Also, try not to engage with other beasts near the location of the legendary beasts, because it will cause the legendary’s movement path to disappear for a while.

How to fish?

In addition to hunting animals on land, Red Dead Redemption 2 also allows fishing in different rivers and seas, which is one of the attractive activities of the game. In order for the possibility of fishing to be available to you, you must first have passed the A Fisher Of Men stage of the second chapter, so that the game will introduce you to the fishing system and mechanisms with its own tutorials. To get started, just go near a lake or river, choose your fishing hook and attach a bait to it, and then start catching fish. However, if you want to become an expert angler sooner rather than later, there are some useful tips and tricks, all of which we’ll cover in detail below.

1. Catching fish and catching them

If we say that fishing in Red Dead Redemption 2 is a little more difficult and unsettled than hunting, we are not saying too much. To catch fish, you have to be very patient and careful and act very quickly. The first thing you do is hold the L2 or LT button ready to throw the hook, and then the longer you hold down the R2 or RT button, the farther your bait will be thrown. After casting the fishing line, there are two situations depending on the bait you used. If your bait is a bobber, which is actually a piece of colored plastic, you have to wait after dropping the line in the water to quickly pull it towards you whenever a fish is hooked. If you’ve cast the hook close enough that you can see the fish moving around it, you can press R2 or RT repeatedly to make Arthur shake the bait to attract the fish’s attention. Of course, be aware that repeating this too much will scare the fish away from the bait. If the bait you are using is a lure that actually looks like a small, real fish, your job will be a little more complicated. In this case, after dropping the rope in the water, you should slowly pull it towards you so that the fish will follow it and finally catch the bait. In this case, being able to see the fish in the water will help you more. Either way, always wait for a strong pull from the fishing line and then pull the hook towards you. Sometimes the fish will first hit the bait a few times and then bite it.

When a fish is hooked, your hook bends and is pulled towards the water. Remember to never gather the rope in this position, as this will cause it to tear. First, let the fish get tired of pulling itself, and then pull the line towards you. Meanwhile, if the fish moves in any direction, you have to turn the left shocker in the opposite direction. In this case, it is better to turn the shocker on the right side in the direction of gathering the rope to prevent the fish from going this way and that. Note that if the rope gets stuck on a rock or stone, it will definitely break and you will lose the bait and fish. Another important point is that in order to speed up the gathering of the rope, at the same time as you rotate the right shocker counterclockwise, it is better to bend the left shocker downwards as well. All of these challenges are directly related to the size of the fish, and the bigger your catch, the harder it will be to catch and may even take several minutes.

2. Getting to know the types of baits

As in the real world, here we are faced with different types of bait, each of which is necessary to attract a specific group of fish. Bobber baits, including corn, bread, cheese and worms, can be purchased from a variety of places. On the other side, we have Lure baits, which have different types depending on the place where you will fish, and to catch legendary fish, you must use special versions of this bait.

How to find legendary beasts and fish?

Knowing all the necessary prerequisites, now it’s time to introduce the locations of all the legendary animals and show you their exact location on the map. We mentioned before which of the legendary creatures are available from the beginning and which will be huntable after passing certain stages. The point is that for animals on land, all the stages mentioned are among the main stages of the story, but in order to get access to the legendary fish, you have to go to a sub-stage in a certain place on the map.

In the end, you Zumji users can also share your questions and experiences with us regarding the different parts of the Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay.

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