Crash, his friends and foes, are the stars of this exciting multiplayer title limited by the lack of modes. 

Maybe the game-as-a-service approach offered by Crash Team Rumble isn’t the new platform many fans expect, but the character showed early on that he can be as versatile as Mario and Sonic in terms of rotation. -off through racing games. and board games. Now, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is enjoying a second life, Activision and Toys for Bob – the developers of Crash Bandicoot 4:
It’s About Time- tried their luck with a multiplayer geared distribution.

Let’s catch the wumpa!

Forget the fun and classic platformer games and the Crash Team Racing kart competition. Crash Team Rumble is a two-team fighting game with four players on the map with fairly simple rules:
Collect wumpa fruit from the stage or in the box, bring this harvest to our team base and add the amount to the total score. The first team to reach the set limit wins the game. This is a simplified version, then there are certain mechanics and advantages to turn the game around and it can even be classified as “platformer hero” style as we said. with you in our impressions, as each character is different.

One of our first decisions will be precisely choosing a role on our team. Crash Team Rumble consists of heroes and villains typical of the saga, divided into three classes:
attacker, defender and supporter. The former, like Crash itself, is pretty standard, and it’s all about quickly sweeping the map to reap the rewards – to the limit – and keep the savings safe and sane.

On the other hand, others may be slower and are designed to protect areas. Here we will find armed bad guys who can stop the collectors, both to prevent the opposing team from scoring and to hinder scouts. Support, in Coco’s case, to easily activate Relic Stations. Within each class, these characters – which you must unlock – have different abilities, so you can tailor your gameplay to your taste. Of course, everyone can play at will -Crash has a tendency to damage or take down opponents-, but these classes dictate how we will be most useful.

The initial feeling was that at a time when free-to-play games were so accessible and varied, Crash Team Rumble should have chosen a different business model. And maybe that’s the right thing to do, but the game engages through its entertainment when we pick up the controller; It’s jack, the horse king that we’ve played in many other players applied to the Crash Bandicoot universe in terms of movement and overall sound. It’s addictive, the games are the perfect length – not too fast for the results to be decided by mistake, nor too long for them to get boring – and there are several variations to add sauce to each round. play. 

Each of the nine maps available at launch is chock full of pitfalls, controllable areas – which boost points – and power-ups that make Crash Team Rumble a very easy game to play, with minimal instruction, always engaging. to another game We’ve noticed that there are characters or abilities that are a bit off balance and we don’t know if they’ll be tweaked in the future, but for now the gameplay surprises are very positive; No two games are alike, and playing online – crossplay – works great.

There are some doubts surrounding a game like this, designed for the long term, which we told you about in beta and these have not been fully resolved at launch. For example, additional heroes, modes, maps, and more are promised to continue to provide an enjoyable experience, but the options are rather limited for now. We have a competitive mode, which is the main and almost only mode, plus practice against bots, tutorials and private game creation. We can then customize our character with objects and gestures, have challenges to overcome, overcome the battle with its events… Enough for the moment, but whether does it last months or even years?

Continue the interface of Crash Bandicoot 4
As you can see in the breakdown, Crash Team Rumble maintains the Crash Bandicoot 4 aesthetic. It’s well-animated – with some of the comic deaths very typical of the saga-, the appearance of the characters. and the settings are correct, and there it is in spanish; The music isn’t usually too loud, but what’s important here are the alerts that tell us about the game’s progress, the team that has the advantage, or the upcoming match. It meets more than what we could ask for in a Toys for Bob game.
We lack a single player campaign, even a simple one with a bit of story to keep us entertained for a few hours, more modes and unlockable content without using the premium Battle Pass, especially since we don’t get into it before the free launch and in a few hours we’ll see all it has to offer.

Too bad Crash Team Rumble has some shady spots on its future and the strength of the community because the base is good, even remarkable. It’s a perfect title for having a good time with friends or for short games, it’s easy to play, and has enough strategy for a team to coordinate enough to know how to kill its opponents. It’s a playable bomb… But it fails in everything else. With a little more ambition and content, Crash Team Rumble will be a highly recommended spinoff for fans. 

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