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Examining the codes of recent versions of Gmail for Android and iOS shows that the ability to send reactions to emails will be added to this service soon.

Google is developing an emoji reaction feature for Gmail, and if this feature is released, Google’s email platform will become a bit like messengers. This feature was first identified by Tape Drive by examining the code of the iOS Gmail app, and it actually allows users to react to emails received in Gmail with emojis, thus providing a function similar to the emoji reaction feature in Microsoft Outlook.

Examining the code of Gmail’s Android app also provides evidence of emoji responsiveness in this service. AssembleDebug reported that the app’s APK file contains several lines of code that directly refer to the ability to use emoji to react to emails. Currently, many details of the mentioned feature are not available; But it seems that Google plans to make this feature available to users soon.

According to AssembleDebug, Gmail users can access the emoji reactions via the email screen or the three-dot menu. In addition, there are limitations that are mentioned in the program code and indicate that it is not possible to use some emoji reactions in encrypted messages. There may also be a limit of 20 emoji reactions per email, and at least some messages on this service have a limit of 50 unique emoji reactions.

Google has not yet officially announced that it will add emoji reactions to Gmail

In Gmail, emoji reactions appear to be “Coming Soon” based on strings found in the Android app; Where Google has also prepared a message saying “You are among the first Gmail users to receive an emoji reaction. You’ll soon be able to send your own emoji reactions,” meaning the feature could be tested in a limited capacity before a wider release.

It’s not yet clear exactly how this feature will appear in Gmail or which emoji will be supported for reactions, but the features won’t be without significant limitations. Both the Android and iOS apps contain notes about limitations, which apparently include:

Emails received via BCC do not support reactions
Encrypted messages do not support reactions
Email threads shared with “large groups” do not support reactions
There is currently an unspecified limit to how much an emoji reaction can be used
Messages can only support up to 20 emoji reactions from a single person
Messages can only support up to 50 unique emoji reactions
At first glance, emoji reactions in Gmail seem like a strange idea, but if we look at this feature realistically, as mentioned above, this feature can be very useful. However, at this time, it is not clear when Google plans to release this feature; Because there is no official announcement or advertisement for the launch of this feature.

The addition of emoji in Gmail, a new feature that we have to wait for.
Emojis, these small emoticons that allow users to express a wide range of emotions, are available in all virtual space applications. In addition to their fun and attractiveness, they also help people save time. Now it is clear that we are going to see such a feature in Gmail. Read more about this in this media article.

The secret code shows the emoji reactions coming to Gmail.
A new report says that Google is working on a feature for Gmail that will allow email recipients to respond to messages with an emoji reaction. According to The Tape Drive with Steve Moser, hidden code in the iOS Gmail app reveals that an emoji reaction button can be found in an email. Upon tapping, the user will see a selection of emoji reactions to choose from.

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