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Apple finally unveiled the Apple Watch Series 9 with a powerful processor and improved sensors alongside the iPhone 15.

As usual, Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 9 in September this year alongside the iPhone 15 to keep the wearables market hotter than ever and put an end to rumors and speculations in various media. Now we have to see what features the latest Apple smart watch has and is it really worth the stress?

In the opening teaser of tonight’s event, we saw a chance to live again for people who were saved from death by Apple’s smartwatches. An accident, cancer or getting stuck in a mine were the risks that have been resolved by Apple Watch’s timely detection and contact with service units, all of which show the high importance of smart watches for Cupertinos.

The new Apple watch, with a curved design like the previous generation, experiences a major redesign in the processor department. The S9 processor with 6.5 billion transistors has become 30% faster in graphics functions and neural processing has increased up to 2 times!

With the arrival of Apple Watch Series 9, Apple smartwatches have become the best option for Siri voice assistant and you can easily access your health data, which was not available in Apple watches before.

These watches, which have the same dimensions as the previous generation, have an improved blood oxygen sensor, more advanced accident detection, and a stronger heart rate sensor, all of which are complemented by the new WatchOS 10 operating system, which includes watch faces and a new feature called motion gestures, and in the use of It has various personalization capabilities, such as taking photos, playing music or answering calls.

The ability to find lost iPhones at home, fast charging and recording sports movements such as cycling are among the new features of Apple Watch Series 9 compared to the previous generation. Also, the brightness of the screen of the new Apple watch has reached 2000 nits, which is a valuable number for smart watches, but it is still 1000 nits dimmer than the new Ultra series watch.

The Cupertinos finally introduced different colors and sports bands for the Apple Watch Series 9 to impress the most demanding users. Also, each strap with any color has its own watch face that can be personalized through the watch or phone.

Also, the price set for this watch starts from 399 USD, which will probably vary based on the size or other features. Users who have other previous Apple Watch models can install the new WatchOS 10 operating system on their watches from Monday, September 18.

New features of Apple Watch Series 9

For years, Apple Watch was produced and released with the same processor. More specifically, Apple hasn’t introduced a faster chip since the 2020 Series 6. But apparently this year, Apple has used a faster GPU in Apple Watch Series 9. This means users will notice less loading time when opening apps or rebooting the system. This feature happens because of SiP in Apple Watch Series 9.

SiP stands for System in Package and is a chip that integrates multiple components such as CPU, GPU and memory into a single package. This integration makes the chip work more efficiently. The S9 SiP is built on a 5nm process and has a dual-core processor. The graphics processor in this series is also faster than the previous generation.

The S9 SiP also has a new version of Apple’s ultra-wideband chip that works exactly like the U1 chip. The new chip offers spatial awareness, which allows the device to recognize the exact location of other devices equipped with the same technology nearby. using ultra wide-band; Apple is making this technology even more precise, which enables new features when using Find My.

Is Apple Watch Series 9 worth buying?

At the moment, it is too early to make a decision and we have to wait for this product to enter the market and see its feedback. If this Apple gadget is a bit faster and 2000 nits brightness is important to you, you can open an account on Apple Watch Series 9.

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