Set up a payment account in WECHAT


Setting up a WeChat Pay account for tourists is relatively simple and consists of only a few steps.
To start using WeChat Pay in China, you first need to download the app, link your WeChat wallet to your personal bank account.
Of course, it is important to note that you must have a Chinese bank account or credit card from your country.
In the past, only Chinese credit cards were accepted, but now it allows tourists to use international credit cards in the program.
This tracker is available in all kinds of mobile operating systems such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, etc. This messenger soon spread beyond the borders of China and Chinese users, so that in addition to the traditional and simplified Chinese language, other languages such as: English, Portuguese, Turkish, Japanese, Polish, Italian, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, Korean Yes, Thai, Indonesian, Portuguese, Vietnamese and Malay are available. Currently, nearly 300 million people in the world use WeChat.
The salient features of this software include two-person or group chat, voice chat, video call, sending image or video, searching for people close to one’s location or local groups in one’s location with GPS, group formation and posting. .

Security in WeChat
WeChat software not only does not use any encryption system, but also listens to users’ conversations. Also, this software explicitly obliges the user to agree to its privacy policy. This policy of WeChat allows all the traces of the user in this software, such as the information searched or seen, the people with whom he is in contact, along with the time and length of the contact, the people searched and all the information that the user has in This software saves and maintains records and even discloses them. From 2011 to today, WeChat has been regularly accused by its users of privacy violations and disclosure of information to government officials. Hu Jia, a human rights activist, was imprisoned for three years in Chinese prisons for listening to her information on WeChat.
The unique features of WeChat
In terms of content and functionality, WeChat is similar to other current and popular messengers in the world, although with differences that are either absent or variable in other messengers.

In WeChat, each user has the ability to share photos, videos, comment and like on their own timeline in a section called Moments. This section is also used to connect with old friends and find new friends. It is also possible to search for nearby users and communicate with them. Searching and finding a user in WeChat is possible in two ways: first, by shaking the mobile or so-called Skake, a random software introduces a person to you, and secondly, from the People Nearby section, which is searched and filtered based on You can find the person you want by gender, status, etc. This feature became the most important success factor for WeChat for a large and populous country like China and finding random users near or far.
Another unique feature of WeChat is the Official Accounts section. In this section, brands and organizations or famous people can create an official user account for themselves and start publishing their desired news and content to millions of people, as well as communicate directly with their users. Of course, creating these types of user accounts is difficult or even impossible, especially for non-Chinese people, because the process takes time.
Two other distinctive features of WeChat are the possibility of bank payments and following world news. These two sections are entirely in Chinese and are not of much use to non-Chinese users.
WeChat in Iran
The WeChat software was filtered by the working group for determining examples of criminal content on December 28, 2012. After that, with the introduction of the Telegram messenger, WeChat was sold very soon, and Iranian users became among the most users of Telegram. 4 years later, Azari Jahrami, the Minister of Communications at the time, on behalf of the same working group, removed the filter from WeChat on January 14, 2016. Fixing the WeChat filter did not have much effect and Iranian users who were familiar with Telegram did not show any desire to use this software.
While other messaging apps do, WeChat does not store history or messages on the phone. So whenever you change your phone, you may lose pictures, voice messages, text data, etc.

  • Have no backups to restore in case of accidental data loss.
  • Therefore, it leaves no record on the phone, no reference or history report.
  • You cannot trace the occurrence of events as many times as necessary for research.
  • Business services and customers are deprived of secure communication.

Frustrated with this problem, users finally try to get help through Google, but so far you will not find a suitable answer from users. The cure lies in transferring WeChat history to another phone.

It provides a great opportunity for mutual interaction between multiple businesses as well as expanding customer support services. Adding an official account for a WeChat user is very simple, almost like adding a friend. Businesses in China are now paying more attention to the official WeChat account than their own websites for customer support activities.
The programs in this excellent software provide a platform for users to build their application software in it. Compared to developing native apps for iOS and Android, WeChat is easier and more affordable to purchase. As a result, even local businesses in all major Chinese cities are visible on WeChat. Another very useful option is WeChat stores that can capitalize on business activities through social drive. Since WeChat can link with services and websites, the prospects and potentials to reach them are wide open.

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