eFootball PES game review


What is the PES game?

PES or Pro Evolution Soccer is a soccer video game developed by Konami and a new version has been released every year since 2001. This game is a football video game in which players lead a team and compete in their own chosen leagues. The PES game has the highest supply among football video games and has been renamed as International Superstar Soccer from Konami’s product line.

In the world of football, Konami’s eFootball has been competing with EA’s FIFA game series for a long time. After FIFA, eFootball is the second biggest football video game, and their competition has been called the “biggest competition” in the history of football video games. By December 2020, 111 million copies of the eFootball game series have been sold worldwide, and in addition to that, the mobile version of this game has been downloaded 400 million times, making it one of the best-selling game series.

The series of Pro Evolution Soccer games always try to be as realistic as possible. Therefore, the gameplay of this game is similar to real football and the player can manage a team or a player by following the rules of football.

Different game modes, such as starting the game, online and offline game modes, are included in different collections of this game, which makes the gameplay of this game diverse. In addition to these different modes, there are also different versions that the player can solve the biggest problem of this game series, that is, not having a good license.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Game Review

September 23 was the day when the first simulator game of the new football season was released. This game was produced by Konami and Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. For several years, Konami has been trying to make changes to its popular series, which had decreased in popularity a little in the past few years, to turn its “Eleven Winners” series (the name of this game in East Asia) into a popular game again. And we can say that it has succeeded to a great extent in this matter.

The 2016 version of this game was praised by many critics and gamers at the time of its release, but still, problems such as poor goalkeepers, bad refereeing, and lack of transfers made PES 2016 not be as successful as it deserves. was regaining its popularity. But all these things have been changed in PES 2017.

From the very beginning, when you enter the game, you can feel the changes in the game menus. The design of the menus has been completely changed and a clean card design has replaced the bad menu design of the previous versions. As in previous years, Konami has been able to obtain the privilege of officially using the European and Asian Champions League along with the Europa League, and all the details of these competitions, from the draw to the presentation of the games, are exactly like a Champions League game, and when you play a match In this section, you will feel completely real.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Game Review

From the very first game you start in PES 2018, the naturalness of the game shows itself. The speed of the game has decreased slightly compared to last year’s version, but this decrease does not mean that we are facing a slow game, and on the contrary, the speed of the game has become exactly like real football and it has the same excitement that PES games always had. On the other hand, a very important issue that can be seen in the game is the naturalness of movements; For example, the passes you send in the game or the shots you take and the passes you have for your team’s attackers, none of them have an unnatural or unreasonable state and are exactly the way they should be.

To be honest, Konami didn’t change the game too much in PES 2018. But the problem that made this not a problem for the game is that Konami has kept the same successful formula of the previous version and instead of making a big change in the game, it has focused on the details; Details like the more natural movements in the game or the uniqueness of the teams and players and the improvement of refereeing and reactions of the goalkeepers may not be important by themselves, but when they are put together, they end up in a great football experience.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Game Review

One of the factors that made the gameplay to reach such a state is its really good physics. By physics, I mean the naturalness of the players’ movements or tasks such as passing, shooting, dribbling and other small and large things that occur in a football game, and well, PES 2019 depicts them in the most natural way possible. pulls.

This realism is too much to the detriment of the game and, for example, even simple passes do not reach their destination or players have problems controlling very ordinary balls. But this problem has been fixed in the final version of the game and Konami, while providing a realistic experience, has done nothing to prevent us from seeing annoying problems that affect the game experience. As a result, in PES 2019, things like shooting or passing are very natural and look very similar to real football.

The next thing that has a very good impact on the gameplay is the correct simulation of many players and their different playing styles.

PES 2019 has another problem that we are all used to in this series of games. I mean the problem of the teams not having a license, which has been repeated this year. For example, from the English league, only Arsenal and Liverpool teams have been licensed in real form, and the rest of the teams have wrong names and uniforms.

eFootball PES 2020 game review

To be honest, after playing eFootball PES 2020 as well as the FIFA 20 demo, I’ve come to the conclusion more than anything that at this point in the 8th generation, while both Konami and Electronic Arts are probably slowly thinking about their ideas for the next generation These two are football games, we should no longer expect big and very fundamental changes in these two series.

First of all, let’s review the start of a soccer match in PES 2020. When you first select the teams and enter the game after manipulating the composition and choosing the stadium, if you have experienced the previous version, you may not feel much change. Showing the exterior of more famous stadiums like Allianz Arena or Emirates Stadium of Arsenal Club and then depicting the faces of the players and referees in the entrance tunnel of the stadium are very similar to the same scenes in PES 2019 and even after entering the stadium itself, a lot happens. There is nothing new, and the general view of the spectators, whose design quality has become much better than ever since last year, and the scenes related to showing the composition of the two teams are all similar to the scenes that we saw at the beginning of the previous version of the competition, and to say Overall, Konami has not made many changes this year in the way of presenting the games and the cinematic scenes of the early matches, and more or less everything is the same as the previous version. Anyway, after passing these scenes, we start our first match in the new version and little by little, the game improvements show themselves. When we send the first passes, try to threaten the opponent’s goal with a shot from different parts of the field, or even when we try to prevent the opponent from scoring as the last hope of our team and the last defender, those small changes that have been applied to the game are visible. are coming and that is why it is not an exaggeration to say that the main wonder and magic of PES 2020 happens inside this football field; Where the game is more realistic than ever and just like a real football, it has many things up its sleeves to surprise the audience.

eFootball PES 2021 game review

Despite the release of PES 2021 in such a format, the next version of the game will be a radical transformation to be a suitable experience for the new generation of video games.

The review of PES 2021 is different from the usual routine of reviewing games of this series and football games in general. On the one hand, we have a $30 product, which is considered a lower price than the $60 tag, but on the other hand, the game conditions are such that buying it even at this price does not seem logical to many. Because to be honest, PES 2021 is exactly the same as last year’s version of the game, and even though there has been no deception on Konami’s part and they have officially informed this issue, but still if you have the previous version, I personally don’t see any reason to Ask to pay for the new version; Even taking into account that the owners of the previous version have a 20% discount. Before going to things like gameplay, we should know that the only changes in the game compared to last year are the updated composition of the teams, the new arrangement of the teams in the leagues, taking into account the promoted and relegated teams of the season, as well as very minor things such as differences in Menus, some new coaches in the Master League section and the availability of Euro 2020 in the form of one of the game’s cups; Although Euro 2020 mode was not present in the initial version of PES 2020, it was later added to the game in the form of a free update, and therefore it is not considered a new and exclusive feature for PES 2021.

But before we reach the final result, it is not bad to look at the game from another angle. If you have always been a fan of the PES series and for whatever reason did not go for it last year, PES 2021 is an ideal opportunity for you to enjoy a good game of football for less than the regular price of the games in the series. Although it can be said that you can read the PES 2020 review to get a better understanding of the gameplay and make a decision based on it, but it’s okay to go into the details of the game a little more here. PES 2020, which was released last year, is supposed to be the work that culminates all the small and big improvements of this series in the past years. We have not forgotten that this version, although it is associated with the usual problems of the series such as licenses and weaknesses such as reporting, but inside the green grass field of football, it offers a really enjoyable and attractive experience of this sport; An experience that is both like real football and in the form of a video game offers good excitement of the sport and can really be entertained for a long time.

A look at eFootball 2022

If you’ve been following the news these days, you know that eFootball 2022 has been dubbed as the weakest game in the history of Steam and many funny pictures of its bugs have been published. But the fact is that the problems of Konami’s new game are not limited to such issues and are much deeper. First of all, let’s talk about content. It is true that eFootball 2022 was released as a free-to-play game and we are going to see paid content for it over time, but even for such a work, its status is not very defensible.

With the start of eFootball 2022, you will have two different modes to play; First, friendly offline game mode with artificial intelligence and also an online mode. The game, from the very beginning, defines its task with its online part and by showing a message, it announces that it is currently involved in problems, and for this reason, if you experience a long wait in finding an online competitor or you do not succeed at all. You are not alone! This makes the mode currently available for experience to be the friendly game with artificial intelligence, which allows you to choose from 9 teams and play in 6 stadiums.

Perhaps the lack of game modes can be justified due to the fact that eFootball 2022 is free, but the strange limitation that we have to experience these modes is not very justifiable. The game is very limited in terms of the settings you can apply to your experience, and for example, you can only set the match time to five minutes, among its different difficulty levels, only two are currently available, and others such as Weather conditions or match balls also offer very limited options. This problem causes the player to be severely limited in this single playable mode of eFootball 2022 and cannot experience a longer match or at least with the desired degree of difficulty; One where it’s a bit hard to come up with a logical reason why, if you ask me, impossible, and it feels more like the demos that were released before the final versions of PES to find bugs in the game.

efootball 2023 game

It’s been a few days since Konami released a new version of the popular game eFootball 2023, but fans have flocked to the game as most of the bugs in eFootball 2022 have been fixed in this version. There are newer and more interesting features than the previous versions. The first item was added to the game. Follow Dicardo for detailed review of eFootball 2023 legal account, football 2023 gameplay, new game mechanics and more.

eFootball 2023 update

The eFootball 2023 update was officially released last week and is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and mobile platforms. As you know, the second year of the eFootball title begins with the game update based on this service, which will be released in 2021 for free. In addition to adding new features, permissions, and improvements, this update fixes a number of issues. Follow a brief and useful overview of the eFootball 2023 changes.

Added feature in the new update of efootball 23 game

Added Event Money feature to 23rd Soccer

Adding legendary coaches to eFootball 23

Addition of 3 legendary players in the 2023 football games store section

The new eFootball 2023 game update has added many things and fixed many bugs in the previous version. If you see any changes in the game, write to us in the comments section of this article.


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