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Microsoft is expected to unveil Surface products and artificial intelligence software capabilities such as the Copilot assistant at the September 30 event.

Microsoft is preparing for the event of September 21, 2023 (30 September 1402); An event known as Special Event. This company has not mentioned the products that are going to be introduced in the event. However, considering the usual timing and recent rumors, we can make some good guesses about the Redmond-based tech giant’s next event.

Microsoft invitations are sent confidentially; But in recent months, many clues about the company’s next products and services have become available.

Around this time of year, Microsoft usually introduces new Surface products. The company, like any other tech brand, has invested heavily in artificial intelligence, and we’re almost certain that the next Windows maker event will include some AI-related news.

Surface Laptop Studio 2

Two years have passed since the introduction of the first generation Surface Laptop Studio; Therefore, we can expect the new model of this product to arrive soon. Earlier, there were various rumors that showed that Microsoft has started working on the successor of Surface Laptop Studio some time ago, and the revealed benchmarks also inform about its powerful and up-to-date hardware, especially in the graphics department.
If the leaks are true, the Surface Laptop Studio 2 will come with an Intel Core i7-13800H processor and 64GB of DDR5 RAM.

While hardware improvements are welcome for any computer, it’s not hard to imagine other surprises coming with the Surface Laptop Studio 2.

It can be expected that this product will focus more on the evolution of the previous generation instead of offering completely new features; Of course, such an issue is not necessarily bad.

Surface Pro 10

While we already have the Surface Pro X, we are still expecting to see the Surface Pro 10 unveiled at Microsoft’s next event. The new member of the Surface Pro family is usually released in October; So, if that doesn’t happen this year, it would be quite unusual.
According to predictions, Microsoft will unveil two Surface Pro 10 models: one 13-inch model and the other 11-inch model. Having the right to choose is always a good thing; So, the release of two versions of this device can satisfy more people and everyone will buy a model according to their needs.

We do not expect dramatic changes in the design of Surface Pro 10; But the beating heart of this product will be the 13th generation Intel processor. In addition, it is said that this device will be equipped with faster and better internal components and its keyboard will also be upgraded.

Surface Go 4

Most likely, the new generation of Surface Go will be introduced at the next Microsoft event. While the company decided to postpone the ARM-based version of the device earlier this year, it seems that we don’t have to wait long for the new model to be introduced.
The new Surface Go model is expected to be equipped with new Intel processors; But we do not know whether Microsoft will unveil this product under the name of Surface Go 4 or Surface Go 3 Plus.

The next Surface Go will likely be equipped with Intel’s N200 processor to keep the price down. In fact, the main purpose of producing this product is education and business environment, and due to the limited budget available in these areas, the price of the laptop is definitely very important.

Surface Laptop Go 3

People who prefer to use a standard laptop instead of dual-purpose laptops will be happy to introduce the Surface Laptop Go 3.
While updating this product with more powerful specifications is welcome, there is also a possibility of a price increase. Although exact information on the price of the Microsoft laptop is not yet available, it is expected that the base model of the device will come with 8 GB of RAM instead of 4 GB of RAM.

In addition, we expect the SSD hard drive with a capacity of 128 GB in the base model to be upgraded to 256 GB. Surface Laptop Go 3 will use the 12th generation Intel Core i5 processor; Because Microsoft wants to reduce the price of the device as much as possible.

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