In this article, we introduce the C# language and introduce you to the #C programming language and its features. C# programming language is a cross-platform programming language that thanks to NET Core you can run this language on all operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac) and develop your programs. Stay with us in the rest of this article.

About C#

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular and widely used programming languages in the world is called C#, and according to the latest research, this language is among the top 5 programming languages in the world, which also has a very good job market in Iran. C# programming language can be used to create Windows (desktop) applications, web applications, web services, mobile applications and games.

WinForms, WPF and UWP platforms can be used to develop Windows programs through C# language. Even using C# language and platforms like Xamarin and UWP, you can create apps for Android, iOS and Windows phones. Also, ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core frameworks are two technologies for designing and creating modern web applications, which are very widely used and famous in the world of programming today. So if you have a good command of the C# programming language, you will be ready enough to start learning the powerful ASP.NET Core framework.

History of C#

In 1999, Sun licensed the Java programming language to Microsoft for use in its operating system. Originally, Java was not dependent on any platform or operating system, but Microsoft violated some of the terms of the agreement and took away Java’s ability to be independent from the operating system, Sun filed a lawsuit against Microsoft, and Microsoft was forced to develop a new object-oriented language. with a new compiler that was similar to C++. In 1999, Anders Helzberg formed a group to design a new language, which at that time was called Cool and was similar to C language but with object-oriented properties. Commercial purposes did not. In the official presentation and introduction of the .NET framework in 2000, this language was renamed to C#. The manager and supervisor of C# designers at Microsoft was Anders Helzberg, whose previous experience in Framework design and programming languages, Borland, Delphi, Pascal, C++ can be easily seen in C# instructions.

Why C#?

There are many reasons for the popularity of C# language, including the following:

Easy to learn C# programming

C# is one of the high-level languages and is close to programming languages such as C, C++ and Java; Therefore, learning this language is easy and you can learn this programming language well by having a suitable resource.

Extensive use of C# language to develop desktop (Windows) and web applications.

C# language is widely used to produce desktop, web and web service programs; With the purchase of Xamarin, Microsoft took a big step in the direction of increasing the use of the #C language. Xamarin has made it possible to easily develop mobile apps for Android and iOS devices using the C# language.

Using C# language to produce games

C# language is widely used to produce various games.

The C# language has integrated web applications

Easy coding in Visual Studio software, which is the most powerful IDE available for programming.

 C# programming language has a large library that can provide higher level performance than other languages such as Java and C++.

 Excellent job market in Iran and outside Iran

Continuous support and updates by Microsoft

The C# programming language is completely object oriented.

Object Oriented Programming

Object-oriented programming, also called OOP for short, is actually logically derived from our daily life as humans. If you look around you, you see different objects, so man thinks based on objects. In object-oriented programming, we try to model programming concepts like real-world objects. Because the human mind has a high ability to model things.

Basic concepts of objectivity

Class: A set of objects that have common characteristics and behaviors is called a class. A class is a prototype from which an object is created. Classes such as student class, human class, machine class, etc.

Classes are like building maps or car maps. A class is a plan to create an object of the class. So just as we can build many houses from a map, we can instantiate many objects from a class.

Object: An object is a physical entity or a general concept so that it has an identity and characteristics and is able to manifest behaviors. It has behaviors such as talking, seeing, walking, etc.

Property: Every object has a series of properties which are called adjectives. For example, a human being is an object that has characteristics such as: hair color, eye color, weight, height, etc.

Method: Every object actually has a series of behaviors that are called methods. Methods are actually the responses that the object shows against environmental stimuli. For example, humans have behaviors such as talking, seeing, listening, walking, etc.

What are the advantages of object-oriented programming?

Increase application security

Reduce maintenance cost


Easier program analysis

Ability to organize codes more optimally

No need to write duplicate codes and features that have already been implemented and save resources

The ability to divide the program into smaller but independent programs

As we said, object-oriented programming is very similar to the real world of us humans and is easier to understand by the human mind than procedural-oriented programming.

Examining the future of the C# language and the C# job market

To learn programming, there are many programming languages, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. One of these languages is the C# programming language. The remarkable thing about the C# language, which makes this language superior to other competitors, is a big support in the name of Microsoft. According to a report published in 2002, it was found that after spending two million dollars and 5 million hours of non-stop work, Microsoft was able to make this programming language available to developers all over the world; For this reason, it is safe to say that the C# programming language will have a good and secure future.

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