What in the real world, English has become an international and common language among different people, in the world of technology and computers, programming is considered as the main language of communication between machines and humans. Currently, programming has become one of the most popular jobs in the world. The reason for its popularity is that almost anyone can start making money from programming without any prerequisites and from scratch. So whether you’re looking to take up coding as a hobby, or looking at it as a new career or a real boost to yourself, commit to it with hard work. Being and choosing the right path, you can learn programming in a relatively short time, become a professional in it and earn a lot of money from it. By reading this article, you will get to know programming and its different areas. Then we will introduce the popular programming languages ​​of each field and at the end we will talk about programming income.

What is programming?

Simply put, programming means writing instructions that an intelligent system such as a computer can understand. Since the computer only understands zero and one data type, but it is very difficult for humans to use this language, we need programming. An interface language called a programming language is used to develop and run a program on a computer. Programming means converting computer instructions into a form that a A machine can understand it. Programs are written in a special language close to human language (often English) to make it easy for humans to read and write. When a programmer writes code, it is compiled into a file that the computer can execute. Based on this, different programming languages ​​have been created that we talk about in this article.

An example of programming in the real world

From smart watches and mobile phones to microwaves and fire extinguishing systems, they all work with programming. Basically, every smart device you see around you is coded. For example, you can see an example of coding in elevators! By pressing the button corresponding to each floor, a computer code written by a programmer is basically executed. Depending on the pressed button, the elevator decides which floor to stop at. The elevator door only opens when it has come to a complete stop on the floor, and can even be set to play a welcome voice message based on conditions. These capabilities are all defined by programmers or developers.

A brief history of programming

It is interesting to know that the concept of programming was known and defined for the first time in 1883. An English mathematician and writer named Ida Lovelace, while working on the famous scientist Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine project, realized that this primitive computer could perform more complex tasks than simple mathematical calculations. So he started to write the first programming algorithm in history to communicate with this engine and in this way, he became the first programmer in history. With the passage of time, various ideas related to the machine grew and more complex algorithms were designed. In this regard, programming languages ​​also evolved from low-level to more advanced and so-called high-level types. Today, there are different programming languages ​​and anyone can design and introduce a new programming language to the world depending on their needs!

What are the types of programming languages?

Programming languages ​​are divided into different types depending on the application, implementation type and complexity. One of these categories is the ranking of programming languages ​​based on how close they are to human language (English). Accordingly, each programming language is placed in one of the two high-level and low-level groups, which we will talk about further.

Low-level programming languages

Low-level languages ​​were the first languages ​​with which coding became popular. These languages ​​are very close to machine language (zero and one), they are directly related to the computer processor, and for this reason, basic programming commands can be executed using them. such as machine languages ​​and assembly languages.

High-level programming languages

High-level languages ​​are more understandable to humans: because they use commands similar to English words for their instructions. The main reason for the emergence of high-level programming languages ​​was to make the coding process easier for programmers. Some of these languages ​​include C, C++, Java, Python, etc.

What are the benefits of learning programming?

Most people like to be able to be rational when faced with problems. Programming helps a person to identify possible solutions, prioritize them and find the right answer easily. For many people, programming can be just a hobby and help to develop creativity: because programming is the building material of a digital product such as a game, a website, a software program and even a robot, and with a little creativity you can achieve what you have in your mind. Dress up. . In addition, learning to program reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and memory-related diseases in old age. On the other hand, programming has a very good future and has a better income than many jobs. Currently, programming has become one of the most important and popular jobs in the world. Many mistakenly think that this field is saturated, but you should know that programming is very broad and almost every business needs a programming force to start. So if you have enough passion and skill, you will have a bright future.

Skills that a programmer should have

Before starting to learn programming, you should familiarize yourself with the prerequisites of its training. There is a set of abilities that learning them before starting work will help you to master the programming language of your choice sooner and get answers to your questions more easily. In the following, we introduce these prerequisites to you.

Problem-solving skills

Many people think that programming requires strong math. If what is important is problem solving skills and familiarity with the algorithm; It means that you can break down any problem and reach the answer with a set of solutions.

Clean coding skills

Clean and basic coding is one of the most important features to become a professional programmer. If you don’t have this skill, after a while the volume of code has increased, you will have problems in your work: you will not be able to remember the reason for the existence of some code written in the past or to improve it. Note that coding is different from programming.

teamwork skills

In many real-world projects, you need to focus on code development with several other people. Having a strong team spirit and high communication ability will help you speed up your development process and learn more from your teammates at the same time.

Debugging skills

After writing the code of an application, you are only half way there. The second half includes checking and making sure the correctness of the program’s operation. This is possible with the skill of identifying and fixing small and large errors in different parts of the program.

English language skills

You need a strong foundation of English and mastery of programming vocabulary to read the original resources and Q&A in online programming forums.

Introduction of various programming jobs

We said that programming is reflected in every aspect of our current life. So there are different jobs that involve programming. The six popular groups of programming jobs are: web programming, mobile, desktop, and Windows application design, artificial intelligence, hardware, robotics, and game development.

Web programming

This field, also called web design for short, focuses on creating websites. Every website consists of two parts (called front-end) and logic and brain (called back-end). The front-end is coded with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and the back-end is coded with Python, PHP, Java.

Mobile application programming

Depending on whether you are building your app on Android or iPhone, you can use different tools and programming languages. Java and Kotlin are used for Android and Swift and macOS are used for iPhone.

Desktop and Windows programs

Many large and corporate organizations need a Windows application to function well. Programs such as work report, leave, etc. are among the Windows programs that are often developed with C family programming languages ​​such as C, C# and C++.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the most growing fields in the world today, which is used to improve computer performance. On the other hand, topics such as machine learning, which is one of the popular branches of artificial intelligence, improve businesses and increase customers or audiences. Python is the most powerful language in this field because the libraries it has make the coding process much easier and faster.

Hardware and robotics

This field is very specialized and somewhat sensitive and is often used in laboratories or industrial plants. For hardware coding or robot construction, machine level languages ​​such as Assembly, Verilog, etc. are used for help.

game development

One of the interesting and multifaceted areas of programming is coding for computer games. Game engines such as Unity or Unreal are often used for programming.

What are the most used programming languages?

Familiarity with the most widely used programming languages ​​in any field is very useful for beginners. There are more than 200 programming languages, which may make it very difficult to evaluate the benefits of learning, the need of the job market and finally decide which one to choose. Many programming languages ​​that were popular in the past are no longer popular. Many of these languages ​​fell to a lower position over time and even became obsolete. For this reason, we introduced the best and most widely used programming languages ​​in this section.

Python programming language

Python is a high-level general programming language. This language is one of the most powerful and profitable programming languages. Python is used in most fields of programming such as web, application development, games, artificial intelligence and computing tasks, security, etc. Python is easy to learn compared to other languages ​​and there are many job opportunities in Iran and other parts of the world.

JavaScript programming language

JavaScript is the most important language that you must learn to enter the web domain. In the past, JavaScript was used only in the front-end field, but today it is also used for back-end development. JavaScript is very popular in Iran because of its many frameworks (such as Angular, React, etc.) and has many job opportunities. TypeScript, which is one of the popular languages ​​in this field, is known as the brother of JavaScript.

Java programming language

Java programming language is one of the most popular languages ​​among employers and one of the most popular languages ​​among developers. Java, which was used in the past for product development, especially in the banking sector and automated testing, is now recognized as the first choice for building Android platform applications as well as server-side web development.

Kotlin programming language

After Java, Kotlin language has been introduced as Android development language. This programming language is developing rapidly and has several advantages. Due to the growing popularity of Kotlin, it is expected that Android OS applications will soon be written exclusively using this programming language. Therefore, those who want to learn Android programming are advised to take a closer look at it.

PHP programming language

In Iran, PHP is one of the most popular and lucrative fields, and by learning it, you have a great chance to find a job. Learning the PHP training course is recommended for people who do not need programming skills but want to build their own website in the shortest possible time. You may have heard the name of WordPress, which is one of the most popular content management systems in the world; WordPress programming is also based on the PHP language.

C family languages

C+ Plus (C++) and C (C) are widely used to start teaching programming in the country’s higher education institutions. These programming languages ​​are used in various fields such as software development, game development, browser development, banking programs, etc. C family languages ​​were created by Microsoft and are used in various fields. Many Iranian companies use C# under the .NET platform for their desktop applications. Currently, the C# language serves millions of users for game development in the Unity engine, as well as many diverse applications on the web.

GO programming language

The Go programming language (GO), also known as Golang, is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. In the past few years, GO’s popularity has grown significantly thanks to its advantages for multithreaded tasks, such as optimal processing of parallel processes, high startup time, and memory usage only when necessary. Many experts consider GO to be the language of the future and job opportunities for this language are increasing day by day.

Objective-C and Swift programming language

These two languages ​​are used to develop applications in the Apple ecosystem (i.e. in Mac OS X and iOS) and programmers know it well. Choosing these two programming languages ​​and its connection with Apple will facilitate the job search process for a specialist and give you more opportunities to quickly reach a high level of income.

What are the first steps in learning programming?

To learn programming, before doing anything, it is better to first define your goal of starting coding education. For many, this goal often includes education, passion, starting a business, a bright future and a well-paying job, and immigration. Of course, some enter this field only because of the high income of programming. Programming is an intellectual skill and it depends on the amount of patience and how to solve problems. Most of the people who are not interested in programming eventually get tired of the job and even give it up after a while.

This will waste a lot of time and money for such people. So, if you want to enter this field only with the view of generating income, it is better to abandon your decision. After setting the goal, you should start your training. This training is possible in two ways: participation in programming courses or self-learning, which we will discuss further.

Participating in introductory programming training courses

To earn money from programming, you must first become a professional in coding and its basics. There are many courses to learn programming and choosing a suitable learning resource is very important for beginners. The internet is the biggest source where you can find many tutorials in various programming fields such as web design, mobile and artificial intelligence and various programming languages ​​such as Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, etc.

Learning programming through YouTube

Many people also prefer to proceed by self-learning and find and watch the educational video they want from YouTube based on their needs. At first glance, this method may seem less expensive and easier than the above method, but experience has shown that if you are at the beginning and it is the first time you are coding, you will not understand the difference between valid and invalid sources and will spend a lot of time you shake hands Therefore, it is recommended to use the self-learning method along with the method of participating in the courses in order to benefit from the benefits of both methods.


In this article, we said what programming is and what prerequisites, areas and languages ​​it includes. Finally, we also talked about the income from programming. In the competition with other programmers, the more skill you have, the higher the chances of employment and earning and the amount of programming salary.

If you have a question, opinion or experience about the path of becoming a programmer that you think is useful for others, we will be happy if you share it with us and other users in the comments section.

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