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All versions of Spider-Man….

The Amazing Spider-Man vs. Kingpin 1991

We have a reason when we say 1991 was a big year for Spider-Man. The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin is one of the best early Spider-Man games. This game was first released for the Master System and then for all Sega platforms. Spider Man vs. The Kingpin has everything you’d expect from an early 90s Spider-Man adventure. Unlike other games, Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin has all of Spidey’s powers. Do you want to climb the wall? Swing in the air? Throw a web at enemies? Or predict future dangers using spider sense? You can do all these things. In an era where platformers only allowed you to jump, throw a few punches every now and then, this was a huge evolution. The Sega Genesis version of the game also included the main character of Spider-Man, Peter Parker, where you could visit Peter’s apartment for a short break between stages.

The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The kingpin is very faithful even to the comics; Especially the Sega-CD version, which tells an all-Marvel story: Kingpin has convinced people that Spider-Man is planning to blow up New York, and he has only 24 hours to dispel the suspicions. It is safe to say that two-thirds of Genesis Megadrive owners had this game, and the reason is clear. The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin formed one of the gold standards of Spider-Man games with its smooth, dialogue-free campaign.

The game Spider-Man: Web of Shadows in 2008 (Playstation 3, Xbox 360, computer, etc.)

If we want to recommend one of the Spider-Man games to someone who has not experienced them before, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows will definitely be one of the first choices. Still the favorite Spider-Man game for many of the character’s fans, this title brings together almost everything we love about the Spider-Man franchise in one complete package.

If we want to mention some of these cases, we can mention the emotional story or the ever-changing New York City, which was one of the best. The combats of the game fully display the spider powers of this character. Also, in this game, we see guest roles from the Marvel world such as Luke Cage and Wolverine, and on top of them, we see the return of the popular black Sibiote suit as one of the main features of the game. We’re still not sure why this game didn’t have a sequel; But it’s definitely worth experiencing if you can find it.

Spider-Man 2 game of 2004 (Playstation 2, Xbox, etc.)

Loosely adapted from Sam Raimi’s second installment starring Tobey Maguire, Spider-Man 2 feels like a 21st century open-world game in many ways. Most of the time you’re on your way to the next mission on the streets of New York, stopping midway to deal with minor crimes, sort of like Grand Theft Auto; But instead, in Spider-Man 2, you didn’t need to steal a car, but you went from one side of the city to the other with the tendin tar on the building of the nation. The game’s physical and thread-oriented system, where Tartan had to hit somewhere to swing, made the whole game look more realistic. Spider-Man has never been this diverse, dynamic, and alive (at least in video games).

Best of all, if you liked Spider-Man 2, Activision released Ultimate Spider-Man about a year later. The game wasn’t as exciting as Spider-Man 2, but the stunning Cell Shade graphics and story written by Ultimate Spider-Man creator Brian Michael Bendis made it worth the experience. Both games work well and are lovely! Trust us, the webbing in Spider-Man 2 never gets old.

Lego Marvel Superheroes game of 2013 (Playstation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One, computer, etc.)

If you are looking for one of the best Spiderman games for younger gamers, Lego Marvel Superheroes is one of the best options. Playing with Spiderman in this game is very enjoyable because of its different and accessible gameplay. No matter where you are in the game world, Spider-Man can move with his webs, and you can even challenge yourself by not tripping Spider-Man while moving. In addition, Spider-Man’s spider-sense comes in handy when you’re looking for different secrets in the stages. Spider-Man is playable in most stages of the Lego Marvel Superheroes game, but to finish the main story of the game you have to play with other characters of the Marvel Universe.

The game Lego Marvel Superheroes has many characters from the Marvel universe. In the role of Captain America, Hulk, Thor and other lesser-known characters, you must play in crowded cities, secret laboratories and the famous S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarriers and fight against a group of famous negative characters from the Marvel Universe. Just like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, it’s really fun to see so many interesting characters in one place; We should not forget the special story-telling features of the Lego world, which add to the game’s appeal.

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