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Ultimate Spider-Man game of 2005 (Playstation 2, Xbox, computer, etc.)

In Ultimate Spider-Man, a direct sequel to the excellent Spider-Man 2, Treyarch took things up a notch in its second open-world adventure. New York was bigger and we saw more characters and variety of stages. The appearance of the city itself was better than ever as the game used the Cellshade graphic style that was popular at the time. Considering the artistic nature of the game’s graphics, it can still be enjoyed.
In this game, which takes place in the comic book universe of Ultimate Spider-Man, you play as a younger version of Peter Parker and you have to face his constant enemy, Venom, during the game. The story of the game was written by the author of the Ultimate Spider-Man comic, Brian Michael Bendis, and the graphics of the game were made based on the designs of the designer of this comic, Mark Bagley, which makes you feel like you are in Have your inner comic. No Spider-Man game has been so tied to its comic book roots since.

2000 Spider-Man game (Playstation, PC, etc.)

In 2000, something amazing happened: Spider-Man finally made his way into 3D, abandoning his legacy of mediocre platformers (or rather, handing them over to handheld consoles). The result is one of the best Spider-Man games ever. The PlayStation’s graphics may look dated by today’s standards, and the platforming game is simple for the pros of the genre, but Spider-Man is good enough to forgive its weaknesses. Spider-Man was made by the same studio that made Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 (with Spider-Man himself making an honorable mention) and featured the same unlimited moves. Finally, players could travel around New York by weaving and swinging; While Spider-Man wasn’t open-world (which it later became), the beauty and flexibility of Spidey’s movements couldn’t be described in 3D. Spider-Man was the first title to focus on Peter Parker’s superhuman powers, and he did it very well.

Stan Lee himself, the creator of Marvel comics and the character of Spider-Man, narrated the game in the educational section, and the announcer of Spider-Man Unlimited, Rhino Romano, voiced Spider-Man and Peter Parker. All of Spider-Man’s main supporting cast was there, and New York City was filled with all the comic books you could collect.

The game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions of 2010 (Playstation 3, Xbox 360, computer, etc.)

When one Spider-Man doesn’t do his job well, add another, and another, and another. This is the philosophy behind Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. An action game in 2010 that did not have any major innovations in itself; But it did the right thing for all the fans of multi-dimensional stories and the crazy people of Spider-Man. After Mysterio steals an ancient fragment called the Tablet of Order and Chaos, Spider-Man’s longtime ally Madame Web asks Peter Parker to travel to parallel worlds to collect all the pieces. In fact, he assigns this mission to four different Peter Parkers, each from their own comic book universe.
Each Spider-Man is played in a completely different way (Novel Spider-Man relies on stealth, Spider-Man 2099 has futuristic accessories, and Ultimate Spider-Man uses the power of his suit to destroy enemies), mixing and matching powers in situations. The variety keeps the game fresh and fun for longer than usual. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? one hundred percent; But Shattered Dimensions is such a title. Each Spider-Man is voiced by a separate voice actor; For example, Neil Patrick Harris, who played Peter in the 2003 animated series, is the regular voice of Spider-Man, and Dan Gilozan returns to voice Spider-Man 2099 after Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends in the 80s. Shattered Dimension may not be a great game, but it has many surprises for die-hard Spider-Man fans and definitely deserves to be on the list of the best Spider-Man games.

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 game 2011 (Playstation 3 and 4 and Vita, Xbox 360 and One, PC)

Spider-Man is no stranger to fighting games, and one of his best appearances is in Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3. This game, developed by Capcom, is one of the best fighting games on the market. Even though Spider-Man only makes up a third of your team, he’s very fast and fun to play with. Spiderman’s moves in this game are a combination of all his classic moves with his webs, and his high speed is very impressive. When you play with him, it’s just like his fight scenes in the Spider-Man movie.

In addition to the fighting moves, we see the usual speech of Spider-Man. When you’re fighting, you hear a lot of quips and quips that are exactly what you’d expect from Peter Parker, and these add elements to his character that are unique. In addition, we also see The Daily Bugle, which has both a night and a day version. Spider-Man is well represented in Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, and if you’re looking for one of the best Spider-Man games, don’t miss it.

Marvel’s Spider-Man game of 2018 (Playstation 4)

Believe the hype: 2018’s PlayStation 4 exclusive, Marvel’s Spider-Man, is a pure emulator of the character and one of the best Spider-Man games out there. Insomniac Games has created an amazing Spider-Man by accurately mimicking the (combat system) of Batman: Arkham Asylum. The game basically combines the best parts of all past Spider-Man games into one game. Best of all, Spider-Man still retains the essence of the comic book character. Special buttons for getting along with ordinary people (such as five) are included in the game, which conveys the feeling of being a “warm-blooded neighbor” to the player. Spidey can take selfies of himself while swinging around town, and his antics are a nice balance between cute and nerdy.

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