Twitter started as an idea that Jack Dorsey (@Jack), co-founder of Twitter, had in mind in 2006. Dorsey originally envisioned Twitter as an SMS-based communication platform. A group of several friends who could be informed of what each other was doing based on their status updates. Kind of like texting, but different!

During a brainstorming session at podcast company Odeo, Dorsey pitched the SMS-based platform to Odeo’s Evan Williams. Evan and his co-founder Biz Stone offered Jack to spend more time on the project and develop it further. In its early days, Twitter was known as twttr. At that time, there was a popular trend for companies to remove vowels from their company or business names to get the desired domain. The developer of the Noah Glass software is known by the original name of twttr and also the creator of its final form as Twitter.

First tweet

Jack posted the first message on Twitter on March 21, 2006 at 9:50 pm. It read, “Just started Twitter.” During Twitter’s development, team members often racked up hundreds of dollars in SMS fees to their personal phone bills. While the early stages of Twitter were still being tested in the Twitter company, Apple caused irreparable damage to the company by attacking Odeo’s work model in its company podcast. This caused Twitter to have a difficult path ahead. Finally, Odeo had to buy the company from investors to survive.

Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, Evan Williams and other members of Odeo’s staff facilitated the purchase. By doing so, they acquired the rights to the Twitter platform. There is some disagreement as to how this happened. No, it’s questionable. Also, key members of Twitter’s development team didn’t make it to the new company, most notably Noah Glass.

Twitter is experiencing explosive growth

Twitter was now on the verge of its biggest growth spurt. The South By Southwest interactive conference in 2007 saw a huge explosion in Twitter usage. More than 60,000 tweets per day were sent during the event. The Twitter team had a large presence in this event and took advantage of the virality of the conference and its participants. Twitter had growing pains during its formative years. Twitter’s user base grew at a staggering rate, often outstripping the service’s capacity.

When the servers were overloaded, an image by artist Yiying Lu appeared on the screen. This image shows a whale being pulled out of the water by eight birds. The Twitter team used this image, and their view was that the image of the whale was a symbol of acknowledging the problem and working on it. This “error” page spread quickly in the Twitter community and soon became known as the “Failure Whale”.

Or does Twitter have a 140 character limit or a 280 character limit?

The reason Twitter imposes a character limit on tweets is that Twitter was originally designed as an SMS-based platform. In the early days, 140 characters was the limit imposed by mobile phone operators with the standard SMS protocol; So Twitter also imposed this restriction on the platform.

How does Twitter make money?

Advertising has been a major source of revenue for Twitter since the Promoted Tweets feature was introduced. Current advertising strategies for the social network include advertising, trending, and follower advertising. Twitter also uses data licenses to generate revenue. Developers and companies can subscribe to public data for user platform demographics and trends in both real-time and historical categories.

Twitter purchases

$15 million, 2008

One of the company’s first acquisitions was Twitter, the search engine Summize.

Mixer Labs, $5.2 million, 2009

Mixer Labs offers geolocation support

TweetDeck, $40 million, 2011

This third-party app allows users to view multiple timelines and track engagement.

Vine, $30 million, 2012

Although defunct and shut down today, Vine was a popular platform.

Magic Pony Technology, $150 million,

Twitter enhanced its machine learning capabilities by acquiring Magic Pony technology.

Notable Twitter Controversies

Sustained Blackouts – 2009

During the stormy growth of Twitter, the company faced several challenges in 2009. One such challenge was using a failed whale graphic to demonstrate Twitter’s high capacity, creating significant problems for its 7 million visitors.

Autoplay videos

Jack Dorsey rejoined as CEO. Also, the video autoplay feature hurt users. This feature caused the videos to start playing when users walked over them. This became a major challenge when videos of Brice Williams killing two reporters in Virginia quickly spread on Twitter.

Fake News – 2016

The months leading up to the 2016 US election saw a significant increase in the use of the phrase. President Donald Trump and other political leaders around the world were at the center of the controversy. Twitter was criticized for not having effective fact-checking features and removing fake news. took.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the main source of Twitter income?

Twitter’s main source of revenue is advertising.

When did the main growth of Twitter occur?

Since 2007, with the arrival of a wide range of audiences to Twitter, about 60,000 tweets were included in this application daily, which is known as the main growth of Twitter.

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