Everything about Telegram; From the establishment to being in the fifth rank of the top messengers

Telegram is a popular messaging program that is in the top five messaging programs in the world and focuses on the speed of message transmission and security. The use of this program is free. Telegram users can send messages, audio, video and various encrypted files up to two gigabytes in size.

The Telegram program was launched by two brothers, Pavel Dorf and Nikolai Dorf, and its financial support is a German entrepreneurial non-profit organization.

Introduction of Telegram features

Group construction

Groups are one of the main parts of this popular messenger. So that users can communicate with others by joining groups. The first groups had the ability to accept 200 members; But in subsequent editions of Telegram, the ability to accept a normal group to a super group and increase members from 200 to 500 and then to 5000 people was made available to everyone.

Since the March 2016 revision, group administrators can place a pinned message (pin) at the top of groups, also known as a “notice”. Among other things, it is possible to mention the selection of identifiers for groups and the creation of public groups, which provides users with the ability to search for groups based on identifiers.


The Telegram channel is a one-way channel where only the admin can publish desired posts for channel members and other members cannot add posts to it. The channel can be used to send messages to an unlimited number of users. These channels can be public and all users can join or they can be private and it is not possible to join for everyone.


In June 2015, Telegram allowed third-party users to create bots. These bots are user accounts that run from a program.

Confidential chats

Messages can still be sent in two-way encryption. These messages are encrypted with the MTProto protocol service.

voice call

In late March 2017, Telegram introduced its voice call. Calls are made based on the end-to-end encryption method of confidential chats.

video call

Now, on the occasion of the number of its users reaching more than 400 million people, this messenger has added the video call service to the capabilities of this messenger.

Telegram currency code

After the number of Telegram users reached an amazing number of more than 180 million people in 2016, Telegram managers thought of using the high capacity of this program to launch a new blockchain and a dedicated cryptocurrency; In this way, Gram and the exclusive blockchain of this program were formed.

Telegram’s free network, which is called TON, was formed with the concept that it would perform better than Bitcoin and Ethereum and make the users of this messenger free from any government and bank to exchange as easily as possible. It was in this way that its formation and development faced many obstacles; However, efforts are still being made to achieve its goals.

Some information technology experts expressed concern about the questioning of national currencies by the new blockchain network and its dedicated cryptocurrency and declared that this cryptocurrency may face problems in the global economy.

They claimed that this cryptocurrency has no physical support and its performance is based on a contract, they predicted its future vaguely and believed that, like Bitcoin, this cryptocurrency will also be used for illegal purposes such as money laundering.

Of course, it should be noted that since cryptocurrencies were introduced, there have always been pessimistic views about them to ignore its high capacity.

However, from the last 10 years until now, cryptocurrencies have found their way and are going through their stages of growth and evolution.

Gram raised $850 million in funding and reports indicate that over 2.2 billion Gram tokens have been sold so far this year.

One of the characteristics of Gram token is the combination of centralized and decentralized structures, which makes it a basic tool in the world of cryptocurrencies and can communicate with other applications and smart contracts.

According to predictions, Gram was supposed to be released in 2019. But its supply was stopped by the US lawmakers, and the TON Board Telegram channel, which was a private channel for investors of the Telegram open network, also stopped its activity.

Based on this, Gram’s future is shrouded in uncertainty and it is not possible to make an accurate prediction about its future.

However, cryptocurrencies have become an important part of the world’s exchange and investment system and are used by thousands of people around the world for long-term investment purposes.

Telegram voice call

At the end of April 1396, Telegram made it possible for its users to make voice calls. At the same time, this feature was made available for Iranian users; But immediately after it was activated in Iran, it faced problems and finally it was completely unavailable.

At that time, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology announced that it did not apply any restrictions or filtering to Telegram voice calls, and operators and providers of fixed and mobile internet services are autonomous in providing these services. A few days later, the country’s attorney general announced that all intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies believe that this system is against the country’s security.

Finally, the head of the National Center for Virtual Space announced that Telegram’s voice call was causing problems for the operators’ business. Despite being widespread in Iran, this messenger still does not have an official representative in our country, and for this reason, it is not possible to provide them with the services that operators in the country provide by paying taxes.

But finally, in April of this year, news was published that Telegram’s voice call can be used with a filter breaker, and users can use it to make calls.

Telegram video call

On the occasion of the 7th anniversary of this messenger, Telegram video call has been presented for desktop and mobile applications so that users can use it all over the world.

One of the milestones of messaging applications is the video calling feature, which Telegram seems to have been too late to provide this feature due to its popularity. However, this messenger has recently added the video calling feature to its application.

One of the features of Telegram’s video calling feature is that to establish a call, four emojis are shown to the user. If both people see the same four emojis, their video call will be encrypted.

Another feature of Telegram is that users can change it to an audio call during a video call or not to turn on their camera for the other person. Users can also turn off the microphone.

This feature of Telegram is still lacking, but we will probably see the addition of new features in the near future, one of which is group video calling. In addition to video calling, more animated emojis have been added to this messenger.

How to activate Telegram video call

To activate the Telegram video call, you need to update the Telegram application to its latest version.

After the update, you can go to the private message page of the person you want to make a video call with, the camera icon can be seen at the top of the screen, you can contact your contact by touching the camera or if this option is not available, click the three dots icon in Touch the upper right part of the screen to bring up call and video call options. You can contact your contact by touching the video call option.

Update: Added the possibility of group video calling

With the new update, Telegram has added new features that include group video calling, audio noise removal, animated background and screen sharing.

It is possible to make a group video call, but it is currently associated with limitations; For example, only the first 30 people who enter the video call can join the video call group.

Another new feature of this messenger is sharing the screen with others. Also, users can remove the noise during voice chat, which in this way, with the “Noise Suppression” function, additional sounds are removed in the voice chat.

It is possible to use the new features of Telegram on smartphones, tablets and even in the desktop version, and the display of people participating in the conversation is similar to Skype.

One of the interesting features that have been added to Telegram applications with this new update is that voice calls in the desktop version of Telegram will open in a separate window, so users can type if needed while talking.

Update on August 14, 1400

Checking the new features added to Telegram beta version 7.9.0

The beta version of this popular messenger has been available to users since July 29 (August 7), which has three new and attractive features. These features include the ability to share screen content, the ability to control the speed of video playback by the user, and the improvement of video messages.

This attractive messenger focuses more on video messages in its latest update. This feature has been used and paid attention to by users, and for this reason, the features related to this feature have undergone more changes.

Change the playback speed of videos

In Telegram beta version 7.9.0, users can control the video playback speed they want. The speed of playing videos in Telegram is in four modes; The first mode is playing at 1.5 times speed (fast) and the second mode is playing at 2 times speed (very fast).

There are two other modes that users can use to slow down the playback speed of videos. These two modes have a playback speed of 0.5 times (slow) and 0.2 times (very slow). This feature is not very new, but adding it to the Telegram messenger can increase users’ use of this software.

To activate this feature, you need to tap on the three vertical dots in the upper left corner while watching a video in the Telegram program. Then, in the menu that opens on the right, touch the first option called Speed.

After doing this, another small menu will open on the left side where you can see and choose four options to change the playback speed in addition to the normal mode.

Picture-in-picture feature

This feature is specific to video messages that many users use. Now with the Picture-in-picture feature, you can send a video message and see your friend’s other messages on the chat screen at the same time.

In the past, this was not possible and people could only send a single video message. Users were faced with a locked screen when recording a video message, unable to access other parts of the chat with different people.

Delete sent messages

If you do not use the ability to delete messages automatically, Telegram has extended the ability to delete messages normally and does not intend to remove this feature at the moment. Deleting messages in automatic mode is done periodically (daily or weekly), and monthly mode has also been added to this section.

On the chat screen with your friend, select the three-dot option and touch Clear History in the opened menu. After doing this, you can choose a period of one month at the bottom of the screen so that the messages are deleted automatically.

Screen sharing

Using this new feature, people can share all the content they see on their phone screen with another person through this program.

To do this, tap on the camera option at the bottom right to disable this section. Then you can touch the Share Video option and select the screen of your smartphone in the video sharing section.

It should be noted that this feature is only available for beta version 7.9.0 users and if only one of the two people uses this feature, it is not possible to share the video.

Update on November 16, 1400

The ability to disable advertisements in Telegram channels

From the beginning of this month, Telegram started testing official advertisements on channels.

The company explained that the ads are necessary to cover the initial costs so that the service remains free for users, and also promised that it would not use users’ personal information and that the ads themselves would be as intrusive as possible.

Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, has announced that these ads are presented in channels that have more than a thousand members, and users must pay for a subscription to disable the ads.

According to the CEO of Telegram, this service is offered in the form of a low-cost subscription that allows each user to directly support the development of Telegram and not see official advertisements on channels.

He also mentioned the suggestion of the authors of Telegram channels to add a function that allows you to turn off ads in a specific channel. According to Telegram’s founder, the messaging team is now calculating the “economic conditions of this option”.

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