What is Skype?

 In one sentence, we can say that Skype, as a platform, is a kind of powerful internet boundary breaker that helps us to break distances by spending very little money and get rid of missing friends or many problems in doing remote work.  become  In 2003, Microsoft introduced this powerful boundary-breaker into the world of communication to completely change the way of making calls, so that it is very easy to install the program on a computer, mobile phone or tablet and only by paying the internet fee.  Online, wherever we are, we can talk face-to-face with whoever we want or conduct business conversations.

This program is the oldest voice and video messenger in which the quality of conversations is higher than the rest of its new competitors such as Imo and Viber, etc., and it has its own fans, for example, this program allows for video conference, educational videos and  Creates a Skype meeting with the highest quality picture and sound.  Of course, the features of Skype are not limited here, but this program can also be used through television and fixed telephone lines.

Skype is a leading software, after which many similar software entered the world of communication, but Microsoft company has been able to keep this program in the field of competition by presenting new versions of Skype,For example, adding feedback in the form of waves, images or text during a video call or taking a selfie during a video chat are such features.

Skype features

In Skype, creating an account and updating it, making Skype-to-Skype audio and video calls, sending messages and sharing files are all free, but calls to mobile phones and fixed lines anywhere in the world, sending text messages and video calls to up to ten people require  It costs little.  Of course, in the case of calling a fixed line, we need financial credit, which we need to increase our financial credit by paying fees from international cards.

Although Skype considers international calls to be very cheap, it is better to use domestic telecommunication services to call a landline, because this method is different from the calls we make to a landline using Skype.

Therefore, these features are completely free:

 1- Create a Skype account and update to the latest version

 2- Voice and video call with anyone on Skype

3- Sending messages and sharing files on Skype

But you pay for these features:

 1- Calls to mobile phones and fixed lines around the world at the lowest possible rate.

 2- Sending text messages with the lowest possible cost

 Group video call up to 10 people

Skype training

 To use the Skype program by any device, the first step is to download the program.  You must be asking where to download Skype from?  Use the “Official Site” to download the Skype software.

The next step is to answer the question, how to install Skype software?

1- After downloading the Skype software, click on the Setup icon to install it, then you will enter the installation page.  Click I Agree – Next to continue the installation.

2-On the next page, click Continue to install Skype Click to Call.

3-On the next page, you can apply 2 options to your browsers.

4-Make Bing My Search Engine

5-Make MSN my Homepage

6-Click Continue to continue the installation.

7-And then wait for the installation to finish.

In the next step, we will face the question: How to create a Skype account?

1-Just open the Skype program and click Create an Account in the opened window.  Therefore, we can create a Skype account with an email, mobile phone number or Microsoft account so that we can step into its environment.

2-Then you will automatically enter the registration section of the Skype site.  In this section, it asks you for information that you must enter correctly.

3-First Name

4-Last Name

5-Your Email Address

6-Repeat Email






12-Mobile Phone Number

13-Skype Name


15-Repeat Password

16-Then click on I agree – Continue.

Skype header:

 Online Status: You specify your status.

 Profile: Edit profile.

 Privacy: Account privacy settings.

 Account: Edit account information.

 Buy Skype Credit: Buy Skype credit.

 Change Password: Change password.

 Sing Out: Exiting the account.

 Close: Close the page.

Contacts tab:

 Add Contact: Add a contact.

 Import Contacts: import contacts.

 Create New Group: Create a new group.

 Contact Lists: list of contacts.

 Show Outlook Contacts: Display contacts of Outlook software.

 Sort Contacts By: Category of contacts…

 Hide Contacts Who: Hide those contacts who are offline or have not shared their account information.

 Advanced: settings related to backup, restore and manage contacts

Conversation header:

 Send: Send a file.

 Profile Panel: Changing the size of the contact’s profile panel.

 Add People: Add a person.

 Rename: change the name.

 Leave Conversation: Leaving the conversation.

 Block: Blocking.

 Notification Settings: Settings related to Notifications.

 Find: Search.

 View Old Messages: View past messages.

 Mark as Unread: Tick as unread.

 Hide Conversation: Hide the conversation.

 Close: Close the conversation.

Call header:

 Call: Voice call.

 Video Call: video call.

 Answer: Answering.

 Ignore: reject the call.

 Mute Microphone: Muting the microphone.

 Hold: Hold.

 Hang Up: Hang up.

 Call Phones: Telephone call.

 Audio Settings: Sound related settings.

 Video: Settings related to the image.

 Share Screens: Share screens.

 Stop Sharing Screen: Stop sharing screens.

 Learning About Call Quality: Knowledge about voice quality.

View header:

 Contacts: based on contacts.

 Recent: Based on the last calls.

 Voice Messages: based on voice messages.

 Files Sent and Received: based on sending and receiving files.

 SMS Messages: based on text messages.

 Instant Messages: based on messenger messages.

 Skype Home: The home page of Skype.

 Profile: Profile.

 Call Phones: Phone call.

 Snapshot Gallery: Snapshot gallery.

 Compact View: Display as Compact.

 Full Screen: Full screen display.

 Show Hidden Conversations: Show hidden conversations.

Tools tab:

 Apps: programs.

 Change Language: Change the language of the program.

 Skype Wi-Fi: Connect to Skype via Wi-Fi.

 Options: Settings.

Help header:

 Learn About Skype For Windows: Information about Skype for Windows.

 Go To Support: Go to the support section.

 Ask Skype Community: Questions about Skype communication.

 Call Quality Guide: guidance on high quality calls.

 Check For Updates: Checking the program to be updated.

 Privacy Policy: Privacy protection.

 About Skype: About Skype.

How to communicate with the audience on Skype?

 To send a message to your contact, just right click on the contact from the friends list and click on Send IM.  You can also select the desired contact from the list of friends and send him a message in the right window in the desired field.  To make a voice call, it is enough to find the desired contact from the list of friends and then click on the Call option.

 To make a video call, you must select the contact from the friends list and click on Video Call in the right window.

 Tip 1: To send SMS via Skype, you need to purchase credits.

 Tip 2: You need to buy credit to call Skype through fixed lines.

Skype settings

 The settings of this program are the same as similar software, i.e. IMO, WhatsApp, etc.  In Skype, we can go to our profile page, delete or add contacts and friends who have this program, create groups, chat, block, change the profile picture, exchange various audio and video files, settings  Let’s do the audio and video…

In the Android version of Skype, regarding security and privacy, there is a solution for users that guarantees security, and by going to the settings section and then privacy, we can set the From Ims AllowW section to only Contact status and advertising messages.  block which these days has gone towards fraud and abuse.  We can even hide personal information from Microsoft’s ad serving system.

Of course, in this app we can make adjustments to access interesting and practical tasks that few people may know;  For example, transmitting the message, using Skype as a hidden camera, recording calls, editing messages, renamed contacts, adding chat bots, creating confidential commands, and sharing the screen during the call.


  Skype messenger is an old and low-cost software that was used to remove the location limitation, and now it is different from its competitors due to the ability to create high-quality audio and video chats, and we can easily use mobile phones, computers and even  Let’s use it for landline and television.  Some features of this software will be available for free and some will be available for a fee.

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