Until a few years ago, if someone claimed that in the future computers could think and act like humans, it would seem impossible and imaginary, but now in 2023, computers can do these things with their artificial intelligence. What is artificial intelligence and how does it work? Is artificial intelligence limited only to computers or can it include a larger range of services and affairs?! In this article from Bitpin, we are going to look at AI (abbreviation of Artificial Intelligence) from the available facilities. To learn more about it, stay with us until the end of the article.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, abbreviated as AI, is a set of different technologies that together enable machines to feel, understand and act like humans. They should also be trained and learn like humans.

The term “artificial intelligence” is composed of two words “intelligence” + “artificial”. The word “intelligence” refers to a concept that is specific to living beings, especially humans. The word “artificial” also refers to the concept of creating something unnaturally rather than naturally.

There are thousands of artificial objects in this world that have vital applications; Among them, we can mention the artificial heart, artificial hands and feet and many other things which, although they are made by humans, are very helpful. And now, along with all other artificial things, artificial intelligence has been created. It means that intelligence can be created in an unnatural way in a non-living being! In further description of the concept of AI in computers and other matters of human life, we can say:

1-Artificial intelligence uses computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making abilities of the human mind.

2-Currently, AI does not exist in the way we think it does; But many of our daily activities, such as searching the Internet, browsing social networks, playing video games, the online advertisements we receive, etc., are all affected by artificial intelligence.

3-In another definition, it can be said that artificial intelligence is a kind of computer simulation of human intelligence. It means a machine that is programmed to think like a human and has the ability to imitate human behavior.

4-Technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing are all part of the AI ​​landscape.

What is meant by “limited” and “general” artificial intelligence?

Some people have gone further in the definition of artificial intelligence and categorized it in two limited formats, “Narrow” and “General”, but what is the difference between the two types of limited and general artificial intelligence? Most of what we experience in our daily life is the limited type, including weather programs, virtual assistant software and applications, etc.

General’s artificial intelligence is more like what we see in science fiction movies; Where machines imitate human emotion and intelligence. They think strategically, abstractly, and creatively and are capable of performing a range of complex tasks. But this aspect of AI has not yet been realized to that extent!

Artificial intelligence in computers

After Alan Turing, people like Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig published a book called “Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach” or “Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach”, which became one of the textbooks. He became a leader in the study of this field. In this book, four potential goals or definitions of AI are discussed that distinguish computer systems based on rationality and thinking versus action. The human approach of this thinking is as follows:

1-Systems that think like humans.

2-Systems that act like humans.

Also, the ideal approach of artificial intelligence is presented in the mentioned book as follows:

1-Systems that think logically.

2-Systems that work logically.

According to these definitions, it can be said that:

“Artificial intelligence is a field that combines computer science and robust data sets to enable problem solving.” It also includes the subfields of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, which are often mentioned in connection with artificial intelligence.

History of artificial intelligence

So far we have understood what artificial intelligence is; But do you know when and why the first artificial intelligence was created? The history of artificial intelligence dates back to World War II. When the German forces used a machine called “Enigma” to encrypt their messages to their troops; The English scientist Alan Turing invented another machine called Bombe with his team to decode the German machine codes. The birth of the AI ​​conversation was also brought up by the writings of Alan Turing in a book titled “Computing Machines and Intelligence” published in 1950.

Often referred to as the father of computer science, Turing posed the question: “Can machines think?” To answer this question, he devised a test that is now known as the Turing Test. In this test, a human interrogator tries to distinguish between a computer and a human text response.

This test has been closely examined since its publication until today, but it is still considered an important part of the history of artificial intelligence as well as a permanent concept in the science of philosophy; Because it uses ideas about linguistics!

What are the branches of artificial intelligence?

We said that artificial intelligence is not a single concept and includes a set of technologies. This collection can be very extensive, but among its main concepts, we can mention the following:

Expert systems “Experts Systems”

Expert systems in artificial intelligence mean a system or software that imitates human knowledge and makes decisions based on it. Instead of programming, this system uses “If-Then” logic to solve problems. Among the applications of expert system in AI, we can mention the development of surgeon robots, identification of viral infections in medical science, analysis of bank facilities and loans in the economic system, and many other applications.


The branch of robotics, as its name suggests, refers to the production of robots that can take over some tasks and make things easier for humans. Robots are produced in different types and each one is used for specific tasks. Humanoid robots can perform many common tasks in the future.

Machine Learning

We said that current machines and computers do not have the ability to make decisions by themselves, and for what they need to do, code must be written line by line; But machine learning allows different systems to learn from their surroundings and make decisions based on their comprehensive algorithm. The main focus of this branch is on computer programs.

Neural Networks

The branch of neural networks is also known as deep learning. Market research analysis, fraud detection, stock forecasting, facial and other authentication related cases, risk analysis and thousands of other applications can be covered under the neural network branch of artificial intelligence. All these things are obtained from artificial mental neurons!

Fuzzy Logic

The modification and representation of uncertain information is covered by the fuzzy logic branch of artificial intelligence. Fuzzy logic helps to provide a certain level of reasoning flexibility in the face of uncertainty. This case also plays a key role in medicine and the production of automatic transmissions and many other things.

Natural Language Processing

Naturally, natural human language cannot be understood by the zero-one system of computers or machines. Therefore, there must be an interface to make the human language understandable to the machine. This will be possible through the natural language processing branch of artificial intelligence. In fact, with the help of this branch, the unstructured human language can be converted into a simple and understandable language for the machine. In this way, humans can easily communicate with machines.

What is an artificial intelligence algorithm?

Artificial intelligence algorithm is a program that can be used to create a system based on artificial intelligence. There are different algorithms for this purpose that everyone should use a different algorithm depending on the type of business and the goal they have, but what are these artificial intelligence algorithms? Among the famous AI algorithms, the following can be mentioned:

1-Linear regression algorithm

2-Logistic regression algorithm

3-Decision tree algorithm

Each of the mentioned algorithms provide a model to artificial intelligence technology that can create the process of creating intelligence for different systems. In these systems, programs are determined in such a way that a decision can be made and a specific result can be provided by examining different conditions. This result will be different in different conditions, depending on the system detection.

The place of artificial intelligence in blockchain

All the activities and efforts that are made for the advancement of technology are made for the convenience of mankind. so that we no longer have to spend our valuable time doing routine tasks; Rather, in the shadow of machines that do most of our work automatically, we can focus on our favorite things and get rid of the stress and worry of doing things. Artificial intelligence and blockchain technology are the ideal combination to achieve this goal. Below are the reasons for this:

Improving blockchain performance by artificial intelligence

Blockchain is a decentralized network of data. This means that there is no human supervision or control over it. Various digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ether have been developed under this technology, but the blockchain network is facing problems such as scalability, error codes, security and 51% attacks. Now AI can play a very efficient role in conducting transactions, increasing security, producing blocks and other affairs of this network without human intervention and helping to improve the conditions of this network and its growth.

Artificial intelligence as an alternative to slow computers on the blockchain

All the affairs of the blockchain network are done without human intervention and by electronic and computer systems and devices, but computers are not equipped with any intelligence or talent, and if the entire process of a task is not coded for them, they will not be able to do it.

Therefore, blockchain needs computing power and coding at a very large level to be able to carry out its affairs without human intervention. But if artificial intelligence comes with the help of blockchain, the processing power of computers will be reduced to a minimum and machine learning will replace line-by-line coding!

Blockchain is more capable of understanding artificial intelligence than humans

Sometimes, it is difficult for humans to understand the decisions made by AI; Because it is able to examine and analyze a large number of variables independently in a fraction of a second and then make a decision. But man usually hesitates in his decisions between reason, logic and emotion. Therefore, artificial intelligence can more accurately and quickly draw conclusions about fraudulent transactions, security threats, the presence of errors in a specific part, etc. This issue will play a very key role in relation to the blockchain decentralized network!

You can see that artificial intelligence can play a very big and valuable role in blockchain. But everything is not limited to its place in the blockchain; Rather, the opposite of this matter is also important; This means that blockchain can also be very valuable for AI. These two concepts together can have much more power.

What is the field of artificial intelligence?

In today’s age, most people know the field of artificial intelligence as the best field in the world. This field is more and more prominent every day. As we mentioned earlier, AI can be an ideal combination for blockchain technology. Due to the ever-increasing growth of blockchain-based systems, DeFi (decentralized financial affairs) and other such cases, AI will also receive more attention in line with them, and the future will belong to such technologies.

Fortunately, this field is offered in some universities of the country in the sub-field of computer science. Of course, this field is more popular in the graduate level, and students can join artificial intelligence for their major in the computer branch. If you are also interested in this field, you can study it in your master’s degree and get to know its main concepts and apply it.

Final speech

We hope that by reading this article, you will find the answer to the question “What is artificial intelligence?” have arrived Artificial intelligence is exactly like human intelligence, but it was not created by the creator of the universe; Rather, they were created by humans themselves. This artificial intelligence was created with the aim of making some things easier and tries to solve some routine and repetitive problems of humans. Some say that AI may affect all aspects of our lives in the next few years and, in other words, rule over humans. This theory sounds terrible, but with the increasing progress of artificial intelligence, the probability of this happening is no longer close to zero.

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