Minecraft (in English: Minecraft) Minecraft game (in English: Minecraft) is one of the most popular, popular and entertaining intellectual games produced by the Mojang game studio, which has different versions for computer and mobile operating systems by the same Studio has been published.

The PC version of the Minecraft game was released under the name of the alpha version in 2009, and after successive updates on the alpha version, the main and final version was released in 2011.

In the same year, a version of the game was also released for Android and iOS, and the following year, a version of Minecraft was released for Xbox 360 called Xbox Live.

  is an open-world sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios and published for PC, mobile and console. This game was created by Markus Persson and written in Java programming language. After several early private beta versions, Minecraft was first released in May 2009, before its full release in November 2011, with Jens Bergensten taking over development. Minecraft has since been ported to several other operating systems and is the best-selling video game of all time as of 2020, with over 238 million copies sold and over 148 million monthly active users; Also, some people know this game as the best video game in history.

In Minecraft, players explore an almost infinite procedurally generated 3D world and terrain, and may discover or mine raw materials, tools, and equipment with which to build a variety of different structures. Depending on the game mode, players can choose between a survival mode where players must acquire resources to build the world and maintain their health, and a creative mode where players have unlimited resources and lives and can fly. Players can use add-ons (mods and add-ons) to create mechanics, items, assets, and gameplay, and texture packs for block shapes, items, and blocks.

Minecraft has been critically acclaimed so far, winning several awards and being named one of the greatest video games of all time. Social media, parodies, adaptations, merchandise, and the annual MineCon conventions played a big role in the game’s popularity. It has also been used in educational environments, especially in the field of computing systems. In 2014, Mojang and Minecraft intellectual property were bought by Microsoft for $2.5 billion. It has also produced a number of spin-off games such as Minecraft: Story Mode, Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Legacy, as well as a documentary called Minecraft: The Story of Mojang.

All versions of Minecraft can be updated periodically.

Game description

Minecraft game is a 3D game (of course in the house building part) that does not follow a specific goal and the player can freely choose how to play it.

The game is first person by default. The world of the game is in the form of 3D roughness, and the cubes and liquids in the game represent the variety of materials such as soil, stone, tree trunk, water and lava.

The essence of the game is actually to collect and put these objects on top of each other.

These blocks are distributed in the game and when the player roams freely in the world, he must take these blocks from the previous place and place them where he can build a structure.

It can be said that the game world is practically unlimited and is produced as much as the player’s search and effort.

The game world has different canvases, among these canvases, we can refer to forest and desert, snowy areas, plains, mountains, plains, caves, seas, rivers, molten materials, valleys.

Game modes


The single-player game in Minecraft has different modes, each of which has different goals.

Survival mode: In this mode, you have to collect the resources yourself and build and go after killing the Ender Dragon (the final boss of the game). You can revive if you die and then you have to look for your stuff.

Hardcore mode: This mode is the same as survival, except that all the rules of the game are set to the hardest mode, and if you die once, you cannot revive again. The feature of this mode is that it is currently only available for the Java Edition and is not available in other versions such as the Bedrock Edition.

Creative mode: In this mode, you will not be killed or starved and you have access to unlimited resources of all devices (except for special devices such as Command Block, Briar, etc., which can be obtained by coding in this mode). The purpose of this mode is construction and creativity.

Adventure mode: This mode is set by those who create things and share with others in creative mode. In this case you cannot build. Also, you can’t create your world in adventure mode (you have to use coding). But in Badrak version you can create your world in this mode.

The game is first-person by default, but the player can play from a third-person perspective by using the f5 or fn + f5 or c button or the desired button set in the Controls section on both versions on the computer. And with this process, you can continue the game and on the mobile phone, unfortunately, you have to stop the game and go to the Settings section, then refer to the Video Settings section, and then to the Outlook section. Camera (in English: Camera Perspective) and there you can change from the first person (in English: First Person) to the third person (in English: Third Person) and whenever you need to go back, you can do it the other way around and the game continue.


You can get the geographic region in the game system, which is also manually or automatically determined by the player. The location of each map is specific and the whole world is built based on that code.

The game world in vertical mode has a construction limit of 319 blocks (with 64 blocks in negative upgrades), although this size varies in different versions.

The game world is not fully loaded and is loaded as 16 x 16 block areas called “chunks” around the player, and the rest of the chunks where the player is not present are not saved. The amount of chunks that are loaded is set by the player himself.

Game climates

The game world is divided into different climates, ranging from forests and deserts to snowy areas; Also, the playground includes plains, mountains, plains, caves, seas, rivers, molten materials, and valleys. The world of Minecraft includes 67 climates in total. The complete cycle of day and night in the game takes 12 minutes; But the player can disable the day and night cycle.

Game creatures

During the game, players encounter various creatures called mobs. Mobs all have their own rules and they are categorized as follows:

Negative mobs

These mobs attack you in all modes and intend to kill you. Such as: zombie, creeper, witch and skeleton and…[22]

Positive mobs

These mobs have nothing to do with you even if you damage them. These mobs can even help you; For example, sell you goods or protect you. Such as: sheep, cows, villagers, etc. [23]

variable mobs

These mobs normally have their own behavior, but depending on your behavior, they can become positive or negative mobs. Such as: Enderman, Wolf, Pigman, Piglin and Irongalm and…


The game includes four boss creatures: Apocalypse Dragon, Vader, Great Guardian, and Attack. [24] The first monster is Apocalypse Dragon, killing him is the main goal of the game. The second monster in the game is Vader, which is created by the player. For the third monster there are differences of opinion between the attack and the great guardian. Of course, most people know the attack as a monster; Because the attack uses the boss bar system (in English: BossBar). There is a large guardian in the ocean monument and it will give you the “Mining Fetting” spell.

All creatures that are not created by the player and appear automatically, each has its own conditions for appearing and appearing (such as time, light, climate, etc.) : Despawn).

mob vote

mob vote is an event to add new creatures to minecraft game and it is done once every year and 3 creatures are nominated for voting and chosen by the votes of new creature players for the next version.

Minecraft game features

In this game, there are activities such as exploration, collecting resources, crafting and fighting for the gamer. One of the features of the Minecraft game is its creativity.

In this way, in the Minecraft game, the gamer, with the cubes at his disposal, can freely construct and achieve everything that is in his mind, and a dream city according to his taste with all the facilities and Make the most beautiful shape possible.

One of the other features of the game is having excellent sound with various music playing.

This gameplay is very different and interesting compared to other games.

In Minecraft, it is also possible to play in a group with friends via Wi-Fi.

Minecraft game does not have high graphics, but its unique design will attract the gamer.


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