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The MSI G281UV gaming monitor offers all the features we’ve come to expect from a mid-range gaming monitor, along with 4K resolution and a 10-bit panel.

Not only technology lovers, but also gamers know MSI well. The variety of Taiwanese brand products in all categories is exemplary, and maybe that is why even if you are not a professional user or a technology enthusiast, it is unlikely that you are not familiar with their products. MSI gaming monitors should also be considered among the diverse and numerous Taiwanese products, which are categorized based on the level of user needs and include the MEG, MPG, MAG and G series.

Since we have one of the G series monitors for review, it might be a good idea to get to know the series a bit. According to MSI’s description, G series should be considered suitable for new gamers. In the G series, specifications such as fully functional capabilities and proper display performance come together to provide users with a good experience.

MSI G281UV gaming monitor review

If you want a 4K gaming monitor, you can check out the MSI G281UV monitor. A monitor that has attractive features and uses the latest standards of the day.


High resolution
Having two HDMI ports and one Display Port
Excellent viewing angle
Excellent color display
Having HDR

weak points

No support for refresh rates higher than 60 Hz
No internal speaker

Gamers are always looking for great image quality. For this reason, they either try to buy one of the best game consoles in the market or a computer with high hardware power. It’s true that strong hardware makes everything run at the highest quality, but you also need to have a monitor that you can view the game you want in the highest quality. So you should definitely go to buy a gaming monitor. A monitor that is both large and has a high image resolution.

One of these monitors that can attract your attention is the MSI G281UV gaming monitor. MSA company has tried to market a very high quality monitor in a large size. A monitor that uses the latest standards of the day to be able to show games with very high quality. Since this monitor can become the choice of many gamers, we decided to review the MSI G281UV monitor. In the MSI G281UV gaming monitor review, we will point out the strengths and weaknesses of this product.

Monitor design of MSA model G281UV

28-inch screen that uses IPS panel and its image resolution is 4K.

The screen has few bezels. The margins on the left, right and top of the screen are very narrow, and only the bottom margin of the screen is a bit large, which of course we can easily ignore. Because the screen puts so much space in front of you that the edges do not attract attention at all. The power button is placed on the bottom edge and the settings button is placed as a joystick on the back of the monitor. All monitor connections are located on the back.

MSI G281UV monitor image quality

The G281UV monitor uses a 27.9-inch IPS LCD panel, offers a resolution of 2160 x 3840 pixels or 4K, and can display content with a refresh rate of up to 60 Hz. The display displays content with a 16:9 aspect ratio that looks ideal for almost any use. Considering that the G series monitor is intended for less professional gamers, the refresh rate of 60Hz seems reasonable and sufficient.

Software features

Among the software features of MSI G281UV, we can mention different image display modes. Let’s mention this Gaming mode among others. Gaming mode includes options such as Gaming Mode, Night Vision, Response Time and Refresh Rate. If you enter the Gaming Mode, you can adjust the screen performance according to the desired game style. In this mode, access options such as FPS, Racing, RTS and RPG.

In the Night Vision menu, you will have access to various settings. These settings include Normal, Strong, Strangest and A.I. Using the Response Time menu, you can set the response time of this product to normal, fast, and faster, and you can enable or disable it in the Refresh Rate menu.

In the software features of this monitor, you can enable or disable FreeSync. By referring to the Professianl menu, you can also access other modes, including Pro Mode. In this mode, you can enable or disable the blue filter or you can change the image display conditions to office, movie, sRGB and Eco mode.

Is the MSI G281UV monitor worth buying?

Perhaps the only weakness of the MSI G281UV gaming miner is that it does not have a refresh rate above 60 Hz. In fact, this monitor is suitable for people who want a large gaming monitor with high resolution. It is suitable for people who want to see maximum graphic details in their games at a rate of 60 frames per second. The variety of ports of this monitor is very good and the screen has a very good viewing angle. This monitor produces good brightness and displays colors perfectly.

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