What is PHP Nuke?

PHP Nuke is a free software released under the GNU license.

PHP Nuke is a content management system (CMS) that needs and provides an information portal.

nuke is one of the famous information cms, which is called nuke for short, and is not only supported by the phpnuke site, but also by other sites. In fact, phpnuke is a program or in a better word, a site. written in php, this site is a dynamic and dynamic site with extensive and expandable features and differences from normal (static) sites that are written with html for example.

In these sites, not only things are done more easily, but we also have more facilities at our disposal, for example, to change the shape and appearance of our site, which is written with html, we have to go through some steps, but with the phpnuke system, this can be done easily by entering the section Management is done with just a few simple clicks, and as a result, we can present different views of our site according to different events. Of course, this is just an example of the features of the phpnuke content management system.

History of PHP Nuke:

Francisco Barzi released PHP Nuke version 2 under the GNU license. PHP Nuke is the result of managing a news site called Linux Preview for many years.                    In mid-August 1998, Francisco Barzi wrote his code using Prel, which he called Nuke and used it for about a year. After that, this site was still expanding when Francisco Barzi found the need for a powerful system and decided to use slash. But due to the needs of a powerful system for launching and installing and rewriting the codes, due to the problems of using Slash, it was abandoned. After that, Francisco Barzi decided to run his news site using PHP.

Francisco Barzi learned PHP in less than a week and started editing and reprogramming his system. Many parts needed to be rewritten. Many parts were added and some unused parts were removed in PHP structure and finally after more than 380 hours of hard work in 3 weeks PHP Nuke was born. On August 17, 2000, Francisco Barzi upgraded his previous site to the PHP Nuke version and is still maintaining it today.

phpnuke ego:

Although we have mentioned the advantages of phpnuke, we cannot guarantee its security and speed. Although many sites use this system, some of these sites that have used this system have also been hacked. Because today many sites use this system, that’s why hackers are also looking for ways to hack these sites, that’s why this system is presented to Baza in different versions and with new features. Newer features to prevent hacking are provided in newer versions, and if you are using a lower version, installing a newer version will not delete your previous version’s information. Because this system has security problems, it is necessary to always install the provided patches, for this you can refer to

Features of Php-Nuke

1- In Php-Nuke you can easily start getting members and monitor users.

2- Php-Nuke uses a powerful forum called phpbb that you can easily use.

3- With a few clicks, you can have a complete and independent survey on your site, even for your news.

4- You can easily send newsletters to your members.

5- At any moment, you can use various statistics of the site, the number of page views, the number of times a news item is read, etc.

6- You have another section of articles with full facilities.

7- You can have a download section with excellent features for your files.

8- You can categorize the links you want and have a linkistan section with excellent management

9- Even you can block the access of an IP to your site

10- You can easily change the shape of your site with a few clicks

11- In this system, you can easily become a member and control and supervise the members.

12- The possibility of multilingualism: the administrator can change the language of his site according to his needs by entering the administration section and can also give users the possibility to browse the site in their preferred language if needed.

13- This system consists of a forum called phpbb that you can use (this forum has good facilities and a beautiful user environment, and the meaning of the forum is a local forum for expressing topics and training, as well as expressing problems and Issues and users can exchange opinions and answer questions with each other. This forum also has a control panel for managing forums.

14- In this system, we can see the website statistics and visits day by day and even hour by hour according to our needs.

You can easily send newsletters to members.

15- At any moment, you can find out about all the errors and bugs of the site in the shortest possible time.

16- You can have a download section for your files with good and excellent features.

17- You can put your site in the list of search engines in the shortest possible time, and search engines can easily browse your site and pull the desired and necessary information from outside.

18- You can block the access of an IP to your site.

19- In this system, you can save the pages to display again later, so the server can respond to the largest number of users in the shortest and fastest time. And many other features…

20- To use phpnuke, you need a server with php4.2 or higher and a database.

And many other features…

final word

Now, you can easily activate or deactivate any of these facilities or expand the facilities of your site.

You call such systems content management programs, the secret of Php-Nuke’s success among other content management programs is the simplicity of working with it, numerous features and the excellent modular system of this program.

To use Php-Nuke you need a server with php4.2 or higher and a database, the most common being MySQL.

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