How important is it to you that your site is the destination for users when they search the Internet? One of the most important and fundamental tasks to improve the site’s position among search engine results is SEO. SEO of the site leads to organic entry of users to your site. Stay with us to know what SEO is and get to know the benefits of SEO and its important uses.

What is SEO?

In the definition of SEO, it should be said that SEO means site optimization for search engines. SEO of the site is actually raising the quality and improving its performance based on search engine criteria.

A site with good SEO means that the website gets a good ranking in terms of search engines and is displayed in the results according to the user’s search goal. The factors considered by the search engine include the texts used, site speed, input and output links, appropriate layout of the site structure, purchase of suitable and high-speed hosting, etc. These indicators are effective for the search engine’s ranking of a site. .

What does seo stand for?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. And it means search engine optimization.

What does it mean to get the best ranking in search results with seo?

It may be impossible at first to think of getting the first rank in Google search, but with a little tact, you can achieve this result. Getting the first rank or the first page in Google search will be possible when you optimize your site continuously. These optimizations can somehow help to grow and develop your business and keep your site in the best and highest ranks of Google search.

Maybe doing such a thing has a high cost for you, because there is a lot of competition between different and similar sites, and you have to follow this work continuously. The thing that you should pay attention to in the meantime is choosing a keyword that can help you a lot in getting rid of your competitors. Therefore, be very careful in choosing the keyword and this can be considered as one of the goals of SEO and optimization. This method can help to recover costs.

SEO goals

Your website SEO goals can be different. The first goal of SEO is to increase and attract organic traffic. By doing this, it attracts more audience which can lead to more sales. At the same time, search engine optimization can help your marketing and business. Achieving the highest rank in Google search is also one of the goals of SEO, which helps to increase the prosperity of internet businesses. You must first find your position among your competitors and finally stabilize it. This stabilization can help to brand your business and increase the amount of people’s recognition of it.

The importance of SEO

The tight competition between websites to be seen more and as a result to be placed in the first link of the search results of search engines is one of the most important things that makes SEO important.

What are the benefits of SEO?

By using site optimization, you can multiply your site visits and win the trust of the audience. It is better than any other advertisement to show your site in Google results with searched words and you can attract a better audience for your site without spending a lot of advertising. Now, this increase in visits will bring a different result according to the type of performance of each website:

1-Increase online sales for a store site

2-Introducing products and services to more users for a service site

3-Increasing the number of clicks on the links of a news site and, as a result, attracting traffic to the site

Search engine optimization strategy

Writing a general strategy for site optimization is not a right and proper thing. Rather, the SEO strategy of each site should be written based on the site’s keywords and conditions and written based on a site SEO checklist, but in general, site optimization strategies for search engines include several items:

1-Improving the structure of the site

2-Keyword strategy

3-url optimization

4-Optimizing site speed and js, css and html codes

5-Proper strategy of inbound and outbound links

The effect of SEO in increasing visits and sales

Increasing the sales of an online business, either offline or online or through other methods proposed on a store site, will be one of the most important effects of website SEO. SEO by increasing site visitors and directing traffic to sites will be one of the reasons for this increase in sales. As a result, most website owners who want to be ahead in the competitive market welcome this important feature and always spend money to improve the site’s position and SEO and have a long-term plan.

To clarify this issue, do a Google search, if your site link is not on the first page of Google, it means that the number of visitors and traffic to your site is low. While many sites are trying to use every trick for SEO and getting close to the first page of Google search.

And finally, SEO will lead to an increase in the input of each site, which will bring desired advantages for that site in relation to the type of business it has.

The effect of user behavior on site SEO

Users and their performance in viewing a site and its different sections will be effective in the SEO of the site. Google, which is one of the most important search engines and the choice of almost 97% of visitors, considers the duration of users’ presence on the website as a point to improve the site’s position. The more attractive the content of the site is to the users, the higher it will be ranked by Google.

The content of the site and its updating are other important factors in optimizing the SEO of the site, which optimizes the position of the site in the continuous and periodic review of the site in different time frames.

Types of SEO

Types of SEO can be divided into the following three categories:

White Hat SEO:

A set of approved tactics for SEO, which is used to increase the position of the site in SERP (search engine results page), such as using appropriate content, effective internal linking, is called white hat SEO. There are tools for getting keywords that you can read more about in the Keyword Research Tools article.

Black Hat SEO:

Black hat SEO is a set of activities outside the rules of search engines, to get better rankings. These techniques are against approved rules and can lead to site penalties.

Gray Hat SEO:

A combination of white hat SEO and black hat SEO tactics is called gray hat SEO. Gray hat SEO is more risky than white hat SEO because it breaks a few search engine rules to get better rankings. But it will bring faster growth to your business, so it is better to be well acquainted with Google’s algorithms.

Familiarity with SEO concepts

In order to achieve the main and important goals in optimizing the position of the site, SEO specialists must perform professional and basic measures, some of which are important and practical concepts as follows:

Internal SEO (On Page)

Actions that are carried out from within the website on content, keywords, etc. are called on-page or internal SEO. Optimizing the images and content on the site, the structure of the page arrangement and linking between them and several other important factors are among the things that are considered part of the internal SEO of the site.

External SEO (Off Page)

One of the other practical terms is external SEO, which includes linking from other sites to the website, advertising on social networks, inserting site advertising banners on other websites, etc. Also, the publication of reports and articles with related topics on popular sites or backlinks is also considered a part of this Off-page SEO.

Technical SEO

Another concept that you should be familiar with in website SEO is technical SEO, which includes things like standard website coding, compliance with SEO principles in website design, standard schema, optimizing website speed, website responsiveness.

key word

The terms and words that users use to search for a website and their desired content are called keywords. One of the practical terms used by SEO experts is to choose keywords suitable for the amount of search by users and the content available on the website. Choosing the keyword related to the content of the site and searching for users can have a good effect on optimizing the position of the site and its SEO, and this will make your site surpass the competitors.

What is intent keyword?

The user’s intent is actually the user’s intention from the search, for example, the page that the user needs to see to buy a specific product is different from the page that the user needs to get information from.

In general, there are 4 types of categories for the user’s internet, which need to be paid attention to when searching for keywords:

 1-Finding a specific page or site (navigational)


3-Buying a product or choosing a product from the product category (commercial)

4-Getting more information on choosing a product for purchase (transactional)

What is the difference between Google Ads and SEO?

On the search results page, there are two types of results, one type of results is related to SEO or organic search, and the other type of results that is seen is related to Google Ads, generally sponsored is written on top of these results.

One of the most important differences between Google Ads and SEO is its efficiency. The effectiveness of SEO is in the long term, and the effectiveness of Google Ads is immediate and quick.

1-One of the most important differences between Google Ads and SEO is its efficiency. The effectiveness of SEO is in the long term, and the effectiveness of Google Ads is immediate and quick.

2-Another difference between SEO and AdWords is its keyword targets. The topic of SEO includes all user intents, both information keywords and purchase related keywords. But in the topic of Google Ads, the target keywords we choose are directly related to shopping.

3-The cost related to SEO is spent in the long term, but the costs related to Google Ads are related to each click.

final word

The last point is that in this direction, be sure to be in touch with SEO experts and people who have had successful experiences in improving the SEO of websites. Because any mistake in this field may lead to its decline and negative effects instead of directing the site to the first pages of search engines. So be sure to consult with a professional team in this direction.

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