What is a store builder?

It can be said that the online store builder is a platform with which you can create a store site and display your products to users. In the store builder, which is a CMS or content management system, all the processes of a store are done online. These processes can include the following:

1-Online payment of the amount

2-Insertion and deletion of store products and its categories

3-Providing financial reports

4-Performing financial calculations such as the amount of courier and postal costs

5-User management and…

With the help of the store builder, all the complexities of a store have been implemented in an understandable and so-called user friendly environment, and all people can use it even with little knowledge. By providing relative ease, the tools of this service allow users to design and manage their website without the need for technical knowledge or coding. In site builder services, web content presentation pages are displayed to site visitors based on a set of templates.

Features and facilities of the online store builder

In addition to the points mentioned above, some features are worth considering in the online store builder software:

1-Definition of discount coupon: In some cases, sellers give special discounts for some of their products. In the online store, this is done with just a few simple clicks.

2-Definition of dedicated email: Having a dedicated email in your online store will help your business credibility. With this email, you can easily be in touch with your users and because of it, your brand name and store will never be erased from users’ minds.

3-Another important feature of the store builder is the ability to connect to the SMS sending system.

All kinds of store builders

If we want to divide the store builder into different categories, we will reach two main categories:

Local store maker

SAAS or cloud store builder

Local store maker

Basically, the local store builder is installed on the store owner’s system, and its management and maintenance is the responsibility of only one or more people, and when a problem occurs, these people must solve the problem themselves.

SAAS store builder or cloud service

Some web hosting companies have implemented services in the form of online store builders. In this type of store, the business owner entrusts the running of his store to the relevant company, and in some cases, he is responsible for entering product information. is a company In this case, when there is a problem in the operator of the store maker, the relevant company will be obliged to fix it.

Introducing the best foreign store builders


The most powerful foreign online store builder in the world can be assigned to woo-commerce. If we want to say briefly about what WooCommerce is, it should be said that building a store site with WordPress is done on the platform of this powerful CMS, and with the help of its extensive team, people can use it.


Magento is another open source store. In addition to free plugins, Magento also has some paid plugins that can be used in the store.


It is considered one of the most famous and popular online instrument stores in Iran. Because installing the module in Prestashop is a very simple task and it also has many templates, it is also very popular.

How does a store builder help you?

By this point in the article, you must have realized the importance of the store builder platform. Based on the above description, most store builders allow you to manage stocks and transactions in your store. Also, the user management section, as well as store site administrators, will be available with just a few simple clicks. You can use these software

1-Set up your online store.

2-Optimize your store for search engines.

3-Control and manage orders and transactions.


In the end, I would like to ask you if you have any problems or questions about the various store builders

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