The black hat and the white hat have long become a sign to distinguish good characters from bad characters. This method was established by western movies and over time it became a mindset among people. Today, however, the terms white hat and black hat have entered the world of SEO and separate honest webmasters from the rest. If you are one of the webmasters who adhere to Google’s principles and rules, you should wear a white hat; But if you have taken a different path, a black or gray hat will suit you.

Types of SEO

SEO is divided into three types: white hat SEO, black hat SEO, and gray hat SEO. But before this, it is necessary to explain that a white hat SEO is a person who performs SEO based on Google’s recommendations and rules, and therefore will never face problems over time, and his site will not be fined by Google. be, but in

The opposite side of black hat SEO is a person who tries to improve the ranking of his site by using illegal and illegal methods, and Google fights against such people, gray hat SEO is a person who is not completely white SEO and It does not completely use black SEO methods, but is somewhere between these two methods and cautiously uses methods that can improve the ranking of its site.

What is white hat SEO?

White hat SEO refers to a type of SEO activities and strategies that fully comply with the rules of search engines. In this method, malicious activities and fraud to circumvent the rules of search engines are avoided and the activities are carried out in a completely honest manner.

Search engines, including Google, have established principles and rules to improve their user experience and advise sites to behave according to these principles. For example, they advise sites to produce useful and functional content to gain user satisfaction and thus increase their ranking in search results.

But search engines are nothing but algorithms and code written by programmers, no matter how intelligently these algorithms are defined, they still have limitations. For example, Google algorithms cannot check each site and their pages uniquely, but they measure them according to a general rule.

As a result, some SEOs, by understanding the limitations of algorithms, find ways to bypass them and thus quickly improve their ranking; This method is called black hat SEO. In fact, white hat SEO is opposed to black hat SEO, that is, it tries to rank without bypassing algorithms.

Examples of white hat SEO include generating useful and useful content, increasing site speed, making the site mobile-friendly, using descriptive meta tags containing keywords, and making the site user-friendly. In contrast to these activities, actions such as excessive use of keywords, buying backlinks and clocking techniques can be mentioned.

The importance and benefits of white hat SEO

Basically, white hat SEO ensures that there is no risk to your site; But any disobedience to white hat SEO rules can lead to serious risks for you. These risks can be serious enough to penalize the site by Google. Google penalty means that the site is removed from the Google search results list. In fact, if you violate the principles and rules of white hat SEO, Google may penalize you. Depending on the extent of your violation, the amount of Google’s fine will also change. Sometimes you may face a drop in rank and in some cases you may be penalized.

Since Google is the largest search engine on the Internet today, it is a very important source of traffic to any website. Nowadays, various sites spend a lot of money to improve their ranking in Google. It is interesting to note that many of these costs are spent on black hat SEO activities. Imagine if Google deals with such sites, what great damage will be caused to them; Not only the costs spent on SEO are wasted, but the site in question will be denied high rankings in Google for a long time.

The point is that some black hat methods may not be detectable to Google at the moment, but sooner or later Google updates will notice them and penalize sites. The advantage of white hat SEO is that it doesn’t pose any risk to your site and if you put in enough effort, it will guarantee your ranking.

Comparison of the difference between white hat and black hat SEO

By now you know that black hat SEO is against white hat SEO. While white hat SEO seeks to rank in the search results by following the principles and rules of Google, black hat SEO tries to find a faster way to reach Google’s top rankings by bypassing the rules. Next, we take a closer look at the differences between these two methods:

Focus on the audience

Perhaps the main difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO is their focus on the audience. Black hat SEO seeks to attract the attention of Google algorithms rather than seeking to satisfy its users and audiences. In fact, black hat SEO has nothing to do with the human audience, but rather with the functioning mechanism of algorithms and seeks to be compatible with them.

Time needed to get results

Black hat SEO usually pays off quickly. Basically, this method is used by people who want to reach high ranks faster. But white hat SEO takes a long time to come to fruition. In this way, your site can reach the top Google rankings slowly but steadily by satisfying users. Usually, white hat SEO takes between six months and a year to achieve the desired result.

Overuse of keywords

In black hat SEO, methods such as excessive use of keywords are usually used to fool Google’s crawlers; But in white hat SEO, such a method is not used at all. Instead, the production of useful, practical and relevant content is discussed and appropriate meta tags and headings are used for ranking.

link building

One of the most important activities in black hat SEO is multiple link building. In this way, sites can get good rankings. On the one hand, black hat SEO buys links from other sites, and on the other hand, it receives links from unrelated sites; But in white hat SEO, link buying has no place. In this way, you only rely on natural links. Links that you can get from other sites by producing useful and useful content.

long term purposes

As we said, black hat SEO results in a short period of time; For this reason, it is used by those who do not have a long-term vision and are only looking for short-term goals in SEO. But white hat SEO is suitable for people who have a long-term vision and goals since it results in the long term.

Comparing the differences between white hat and gray hat SEO

Gray hat SEO should be considered something between black hat SEO and white hat SEO. In fact, this method is neither black nor white, but a combination of both. Gray Hat SEO employs a combination of black hat SEO techniques along with white hat SEO techniques. In this section, we compare white hat SEO and gray hat SEO:

The possibility of being fined

Although gray hat SEO only uses some black hat techniques, it always carries the risk of being fined for your site; But white hat SEO does not pose any risk.

link building

While white hat SEO seeks to gain the satisfaction of the audience and get links from them only by creating content, in gray hat SEO some techniques are used to build links on related sites.


In white hat SEO, standard coding with the help of html is always used, but in gray hat SEO, some coding techniques are used to satisfy Google’s algorithms.

White hat SEO techniques

The white hat SEO technique is nothing but the principles and rules recommended by Google. Today, many users use these techniques to rank their sites in Google. In this section, we review the most important white hat SEO techniques:

Production of quality content

Content creation is the most important thing you need to do in white hat SEO. When you have useful and useful content on your site, you can gain user satisfaction. In this way, Google also understands the satisfaction of users and improves the ranking of your site.

There are so many tips about a standard content. In the past, it was said that the content of each page should be short so that the reader does not get tired of reading it, but in these years, it seems that pages that have a text containing more than 1000 words easily gain a place in search engines. Of course, all the tips that we express in white hat SEO are based on the assumption that you pay attention to the usefulness of the content for your users, because if you follow all these tips, but the users will not like you, neither will the search engines. They will not like you.

After a number of paragraphs, use a beautiful, attractive and high-quality image so that users’ eyes do not get tired of seeing the large and uniform volume of texts and spend more time studying your site. This issue helps to improve an indicator called Time on site, which is directly effective in your site’s SEO. Also, in this regard, pay attention not to increase the number of lines in each paragraph too much and use a new title after every few lines of your article. The density of the keyword in the text is also important, and in this case, if you have a WordPress site, you can use Yost plugin.

Try to use video on every page you can because it helps your SEO in two ways. The first way is that the viewing of the video by the users increases the time on site and the second way is that it is said that regardless of whether the video is seen or not, the fact that you have placed a video on your site is valuable from the point of view of search engines and it shows that you have tried to enrich the contents of your site. Because video production is usually a very expensive task, we have a suggestion to save these costs for you. The cheapest way to have several videos on the site is to download related videos from the YouTube site and register and publish the subtitles and your site address on them. Pay attention to put the videos on your site as online and non-downloadable, because if you publish it only in the form of a downloadable file, the user will leave your site after downloading it, and it will not help your site’s SEO much. Did

Don’t forget to include downloadable files in the content. In this case, we recommend you a method that takes a little time and has a relatively good performance. It is recommended to save the same article that you have written in the form of an article in two Word and PDF files, then put them for download with the name of the title of the same article plus the words Docx and PDF. In many searches, users are looking for Word and PDF files, and because we have placed these files for download, there is a good chance to visit our site in these searches.

Use internal and external linking on your website pages. Internal linking means that you link from one page of your site to another page of your site and invite the reader to read that page as well. This type of linking makes each user see more pages of your site, which directly affects your popularity among search engines. External linking, as the name suggests, means to link from your site to another site, which makes it easier for search engine crawlers to recognize the topic and content of your site’s pages and trust its credibility. .

Correct use of tags and meta tags

In the coding of the site, you should complete the h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6 tags appropriately using the keywords of each page as well as the important titles on each page. Of course, if you are not a code writer and your site is built using WordPress, WordPress itself will do this for you. Apart from the tags mentioned, there are also meta description tag and Alt tag related to image descriptions, which must be completed correctly and standardly. Do not neglect the title tag that introduces your site to search engines.

As much as possible, try to write the description meta tag in such a way that, in addition to describing the content of that page, it encourages the user to enter that page, because if that page of your site gets a position in the search engines, then the title of the page (which is the Title tag), the text in the description meta tag is also displayed.

Focus on attracting natural links

A backlink is created when another site places your link on one of its pages and actually refers its users to your site. Every link that is given to your site from other sites is like a vote in the election. Through these links, Google can understand the acceptability and credibility of your site with other sites. Of course, inbound link building is in the field of white hat SEO. Such links are naturally given to you by users; In fact, if you have useful content on your site, others will try to link to your site from their pages.

Sites that use white hat methods always have natural backlinks, the misconception that many webmasters have is that backlinks should be created naturally by us, but the problem is that users should naturally backlink to your site. and this happens when your site has high quality in terms of design and content. You have to be patient and diligent about this and don’t move towards buying backlinks, unless you plan to use black hat SEO methods. One of the sites that displays the number of backlinks of your site is the Alexa site.

Correct use of keywords

The correct use of keywords makes Google correctly recognize the topic of a page and display it in relevant search results. For this purpose, you should use the keywords of each page in the title, meta description, heading tags and throughout the text. But you need to be careful not to overuse the keyword, because Google will recognize it as a black hat technique and will not give you a good ranking.

Organization of site content

In order for Google bots or other search engines to easily access your site’s content, you must organize your site pages well. Creating related categories and following hierarchy in page categories is one of the most important tasks. In addition, you should specify the connection between different pages using internal linking. If the structure of your pages is such that a human user can easily find the desired pages, search engine bots will also be able to do this.

Share content

Share the contents of your site wherever you can, but pay special attention to these five social networks: Google Plus, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It is said that these social networks have a special reputation with Google.

Just sharing your content on it is enough to help your SEO. In addition to these things, pay attention to the cameras, Telegram and other available facilities, it is true that they do not have a special value in the eyes of Google, but there are many people browsing them, and their entry to your site will increase traffic and improve SEO. became.

Site speed

Users will not wait more than a few seconds for your site to open. Because the information they need is usually found on other sites. So increase the speed of your site as much as you can. It seems that the best way to analyze site speed is to use Google’s own speed test tool called Google Page Speed ​​Insights .

The famous GTmetrix tool available at is also suitable for this and you can use it.

structured data

The story is that you should introduce the content of your site to them using the types of schemas that are fully introduced by the search engines themselves on the site so that they can have a correct understanding of your site and its content. have it Of course, if you do not do this, this perception will also be achieved, but of course its quality will be different and naturally it will have a negative impact on your position in the search engines.


White hat SEO is a very reliable way to implement SEO activities; A method that behaves completely according to the principles and rules of search engines and avoids any action to circumvent the algorithms. This method is in contrast to black hat SEO, which seeks to circumvent Google’s rules and algorithms. Of course, white hat SEO results later than black hat SEO, but it will not cause any problems for the site. In contrast, black hat SEO may result very quickly, but it has a lot of risk; Because sooner or later Google updates will notice and deal with it, as a result, there is a possibility of a severe drop in your ranking.

Keep in mind that in short, anything that happens with a long-term view and based on improving the user experience can help white SEO, for example when you write content for site users and useful content and You produce applications, you use white SEO methods. But if you produce site content with the aim of being attractive only to search engine robots and you don’t care about the user, and for example you use unnecessary repetition of keywords, etc., you have used black SEO.

We hope that by reading this article, you have found more information about white hat SEO and can grow your business through it. Another very important point about white hat SEO is that you should always try to cooperate with companies that use white hat SEO methods and operate on the basis of white hat SEO in order to increase the growth of your site in search engines. It should be a proper and professional process.

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