Nowadays, most of the businesses are looking to bring their business to the internet. A popular and common example is setting up an online store to sell products and services. If you are planning to do this, you have probably heard something about WooCommerce. To set up an online sales site, you need to choose a store builder system. Choosing a suitable method is your first step to start an online store.

What is WooCommerce?

 WooCommerce is one of the official plugins provided by WordPress, by installing it on WordPress, your site will turn into an online store. By installing the WooCommerce store builder plugin on WordPress, you can sell any type of product, from physical (shoes, clothes, cosmetics, electrical appliances!) to digital (downloadable files).

What features and capabilities does WooCommerce have?

By installing the WooCommerce store plugin, you can benefit from the following features in your online store:

1-Simple and easy online store management

2-Support for more than 80% of the templates used for WordPress

3-Ability to sell in all countries or assign to a specific country

4-The possibility of using different bank payment gateways

5-Ability to view complete purchase details

6-The possibility of inserting a discount code and holding sales festivals in different ways

7-Ability to review products by buyers

8-The possibility of placing infinite products with the ability to insert images as a gallery

What do you need to use WooCommerce?

We said, WooCommerce is a plugin that is installed on WordPress and allows you to build a store. Therefore, before anything to use WooCommerce, you must install WordPress on your host. Because WooCommerce is installed on WordPress, in addition to the mentioned costs, separate costs are also required for WooCommerce. So, in general, if we want to check the items required to install WooCommerce in terms of cost, it will be as follows.

1-Buying a domain, which costs between 10 and 500,000 Tomans depending on the choice of domain extension.

2-Buying a hosting suitable for WooCommerce, which costs between 300 and 2 million tomans per year.

3-WordPress template design costs between 600 and 1 million if you use an average template and between 5 and 50 million tomans if you use a special template.

4-Adding the required features and customizing WooCommerce, which is generally created by the plugin. This option, like WooCommerce template design, will cost between 600 and 1 million if you use a ready-made plugin and between 1 and 5 million tomans if you use a dedicated plugin. Of course, the cost in private mode depends on the facilities and size of the project.

5-Hiring a WordPress supporter to solve the store’s problems will cost you a monthly fee.

6-Hire a developer to add features; Depending on the amount of work, this case will cost between 1 and several million Tomans per month.

The bigger the volume of your store and the more products you have for sale, the higher the cost of using WooCommerce. But in general, to have a standard online store, you need to pay between 5 and 10 million in total.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of WooCommerce?

Because the WooCommerce plugin is embedded in WordPress, any advantages and disadvantages that exist for WordPress are the same in WooCommerce. But after installing WooCommerce, due to the change in structure, a series of other advantages and disadvantages are added to it. In the following, we introduce some key advantages and disadvantages of WooCommerce.

Access to various formats

As there are many and varied themes for WordPress; For its store builder i.e. WooCommerce, various templates with beautiful appearance are also available. Most WordPress themes are also compatible with WooCommerce and you will be able to use them in your store and WordPress site.

It has many plugins for store development

It is true that WooCommerce itself is actually a WordPress plugin; But to add some more advanced and additional features for the WooCommerce store, you need plugins for online stores: for example, using a product comparison plugin or a product return guarantee plugin. Most of these plugins are free; But some plugins that provide you with very professional features are commercially available.

Simple and free to use

Installing WooCommerce on a WordPress site is done with just a few clicks, in which you need to enter your store information. The fact that WooCommerce is free is its most important advantage. You can easily download and use it without paying. Of course, in order to have advanced features, you have to spend money and use appropriate plugins and templates for your store. Also, you need to provide hosting to be able to install this system.

It has excellent SEO and is suitable for an online store

To sell your products or services, you need to expose it to others. If your site or online store is optimized for Google search engines or in other words SEO, it will be placed in the top results of Google search. The high SEO of WordPress and the good relationship it has with search engines has made its use a lot of attention.

Problems with plugins

To have a desired store site with high features, you will definitely need plugins. But you are not completely free to use any number of plugins. Because sometimes these plugins are not compatible and have problems with each other. You have to spend money to fix this problem, besides, the occurrence of this problem will probably affect the speed of your site.

Security issues due to being placed on WordPress

Due to the high popularity of WordPress in building websites and online stores, and on the other hand, its free and open source (access to its codes is open), it has made it vulnerable to hackers. If you use WooCommerce, you should implement all the security options that allow you to increase the security of WooCommerce and WordPress on your site in order to be at least partially safe from hacker attacks.

The last word

 Well, now that you have got complete information about WooCommerce. I hope this article was useful for you. Thank you for sending us your comments.

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